DIES: Industria Gala 2022

On the 1st of December, the Industria Gala of 2022 will take place. Get your ticket and we hope to see you all there!

Free – €65.00

Lunch Lecture Advantech

On the 6th of December, there will be a Lunch Lecture held by Advantech. 

Get your ticket for free lunch and an interesting story of Advantech. 

Hope to see you all there!


Congress Info Lunch

Do you want to be in contact with the biggest companies in the IE field, and want to learn how to organize a big event?
Then Congress of 2023 is the committee for you!
Make sure to get a ticket for the info lunch at which more about the Congress board is explained. 


Saint Nicholas – Yearbook Drink

Come collect some beers and gifts (among which the yearbook!) at the drink on the 8th of December.
We hope to see you there!🍻🎁

Theme Drink


Come join us at the Cosy-Kerstborrel, organised by the Sjaarcie. Come in your best christmas sweater and tell your christmas wish to out very own “KerstTwan”.

We hope to see you all during this amazing drink organised by the Freshmen Committee!

Hope to see you there!

173rd General Assembly

The Villa

Join the GA and give your input for the association! FREE lunch for attendees.


Christmas Dinner

Celebrate Christmas at Industria in style!

Free – €20.00

Lean Six Sigma information lunch

Coming March, a Lean Six Sigma course will be organized! This course is a valuable asset for your CV, and can help you build your skills. If you want more information, join the infolunch!


Case Competition EyeOn & Gordian

On the 21st of December, Industria will hold its half-annual Case Competition with two consultancies that focus on logistics and service management.


Bingo drink

The Villa

Join a game of bingo at the drink and enjoy a nice beer with your friends!🍻🎱

F.A.C.U.L.T.I. pubcrawl

Join the pubcrawl in Nijmegen in your ugliest Christmas sweater!

Free – €7.50

Kraków Exchange

Kraków Kraków

C.I.T.I. is organizing an exchange in January! A group of approximately 15 Industria members will be visiting Kraków in Poland during the winter. Industrial Engineering students over there have prepared a week of amazing activities. The exchange will allow you to see what student life is like in Poland, experience their culture, and meet new …

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CITI Beerpong Tournament

The Villa

On January 10th CITI organizes a beerpong tournament to start off 2023!


Committee Market Q3

Come join the committee market to see what the committees starting in Q3 do! There will also be a free knaklunch, so make sure you are there!

Lunch Lecture Boer & Croon (Only Dutch-speaking)

On the 17th of January, Boer & Croon will give a lunch lecture in The Villa. Boer & Croon is a management consultancy that believes that solutions can be found through cooperation.


Ticket Sale Pullûhrijk

The 19th of January the second physical ticketsale for Pullûhrijk will take place.

Company Tour Drink + Introgroup Drink

Join our great trip for second-year students! With a group of 40 people, we will have a trip with many different activities.
Also come and have a drink with your fellow introgroup members!

Education awards drink

The Villa

On the 26th of January, the education awards drink will take place!🍻


On Thursday the 16th of February, the most exciting student carnivalfestinal will take place again. 
Because then it is time for Pullûhrijk!
Save the date!



Our famous skiing trip: Induskia! 4-12th of February (ticketsale 20th of October 2022)

Lunch Lecture NRG-Office

On the 7th of February, NRG-Office will visit The Villa and they will tell you all about how they connect Supply Chain Professionals to the right companies. 


Supply Chain Battle Slimstock

Will you play for the best group during the Slimstock Supply Chain Battle? Battle against other study associations, win a cash prize and a chance to win a spot in the Young Professional program!


Cooking Workshop NextGen

On the 13th of February, NextGen will organize a cooking workshop for all the students who like to cook! The cooking workshop is free and will include both free drinks and free food! 

Free – €5.00

Travel Lunch

The Villa

Our International Pillar CITI will organise a lunch to network with people who love to travel and update you about their progress.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the CITI Session!



On Thursday the 16th of February, the most exciting student carnivalfestinal will take place again. 
Because then it is time for Pullûhrijk!
Save the date!


Bucharest Exchange

Bucharest Bucharest

C.I.T.I. is organizing an exchange in February! In the holiday after carnaval, a group of approximately 15 Industria members will be visiting Bucharest in Romania. Industrial Engineering students over there have prepared a week of amazing activities. The exchange will allow you to see what student life is like in Romania, experience their culture, and …

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High Wine Mars X ITrainee X Picnic

On Monday the 27th of February, the first High Wine of the year will take place. Employees of Mars, Picnic, and ITrainee will be present to talk about the working culture and tasks for Industrial Engineers within their companies. These three companies will ensure varied career opportunities, as they are all active in different branches. …

High Wine Mars X ITrainee X Picnic Read More »


ALA – Casino Night

On the 28th of February, the Active Member Evening or otherwise known as “ALA” will finally take place again after corona! During this night we, the CIA, have organized a Casino Night in The Villa where you can win some prizes! Before the night starts there is also a possibility to have pizza. Make sure …

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Convent 2023 will take place on 1-3 March!

Auction drink

The Villa

Come bid on the nicest auction items the 2nd of March and make sure you get your favorites.🍻

Alumnia Thursday drink – Golden Oldies

Come and enjoy some beers together with Industrial Engineering alumni! Broaden your network and explore possibilities for after your studies, or just enjoy the free beer. 

Parents day

On the 10th of March, the Parents Day will take place! On this day, you can show your parents what a day in your life looks like. You will follow an interesting lecture from dr. Hochstenbach, get a tour around the campus and have a drink in The Villa. Lunch will be provided. Hope to …

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Lunch Lecture Unilever

On the 14th of March, Unilever will pass by for a lunch lecture in The Villa.


Speeddates 60th Industria Board

De Carrousel Markt 35, Eindhoven

Get function-specific insights and ask all your questions at the speeddates!


Discussion hour: procrastination

Use your break well, and join the discussion hour on the 15th of March. In this session, we will discuss the topic of procrastination. Are you struggling with completing tasks like washing, calling the general practitioner, or working on your courses? Do have a ton of work that you just don’t get too? During this …

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Lean Six Sigma

We have good news! Industria is organizing a Lean Six Sigma green belt course from the 16th till the 21st of March. In the evenings, we will also enjoy some fun night activities. Next to 15 Industria members, 10 people from ESTIEM will join the event as well! What is this Lean Six Sigma? It …

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Belgium Trip


Every year, the first-years go on the Belgium Trip! We will have a great time in one of the biggest Belgian cities, where we will visit a company, tour the city and experience the night-life! Make sure to join us on this trip and get your ticket during the subscription drink.

Red cup Drink

The Villa

Thursday the 16th of March it is time for the long awaited auctioned drink 2022! 


The FACULTI party is coming up, and this means another pre-FACULTI for all first-year IE students! The pre-FACULTI will take place after the Career Day, so it is the perfect way to end a serious career day with a beer and pizza in The Villa. There are 50 free pizzas for all first-years, so make …

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Après Ski Party by F.A.C.U.L.T.I.

't Lempke Stratumseind 28-30, Eindhoven

Come listen to Après Ski songs and play some games at 't Lempke on Tuesday March 21st! Anton aus Tirol will make an appearance as well, so make sure to be there on time First 100L beer is free, so make sure to bring your Villa pubcard as entrance ticket.

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