Lunch session: Learn to say ‘NO’

Atlas 6.318

During this lunch session you can have a talk with a small group of fellow students about the topic 'Learn to say NO'.  In this session a professional will also be present to give tips and advice.


Villa Beach


On the 16th of June, we will enjoy the sunny weather in a beach vibe during Villa Beach; Silent Disco!


Ladies borrel

Den Bosch

21 juni organiseert de L&vS Group, de overkoepelde groep waar Student Consultant onder valt, een dames borrel! Ben jij een dame en geïnteresseerd in consultancy? Kom vooral langs om meer te weten te komen over consultancy en de L&vS Group, en natuurlijk om andere dames in hetzelfde werkveld te ontmoeten!   Inloop vanaf 18:30 Locatie: …

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Thursday Drink: Outside games


This Thursday, Industria organizes together with The Villa an outside drink once again! During this drink you can enjoy your drinks in the sun, while playing some games with your friends.

Exam Drink

The Villa

Do you want to get away from the stress of the exams? Come have a beer in The Villa during the Exam Drink on the 30th of June!

End of the Year BBQ

On the last Thursday drink of the year there will be a BBQ! For only €6.50 you can join. The ticket sale will open on 23th of June at 13:00h. Be quick because there are limited tickets available! ;). Make sure to buy you ticket before the 4th of July 23:59!   The BBQ + …

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Free – €6.50

Sailing Weekend


From the 8th till the 10th of July the first official Sailing Weekend will take place! We are going to Friesland to sail on the beautiful lakes with so called ‘Valken’. You will be sailing in groups so no need to be a pro sailor beforehand! For 99 euros you get everything you need during …

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Free – €99.00

Industria Intro Festival

This week the Industria Intro Festival will take place! A festival with the theme “Lights On” and 1000 participants. The festival will be held at the Fontys Field and takes place during 20:00-24:00 on Tuesday 23rd of August of the intro. You can get your FREE ticket! So get your ticket and come join the …

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Free – €7.50

Pullûh Vullûh


The time has arrived, on the 5th of September Pullûh Vullûh 2022 will take place!  Pullûh Vullûh is one of the biggest parties of Industria to celebrate the start of the new college year.

Come together with your friends to drink some beautiful golden pints! Make sure to clear your agendas from 17.00 till 21.00h.


Infolunch IRP participants

Do you love to travel and visit the biggest companies in the world?
Make sure to join the IRP Infolunch!


CITI Session

The Villa

Our International Pilar CITI will organise an drink to network with people who love to travel.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the CITI Session!


Bring your house Drink

The Villa

Come join the drink together with your housemates or friends!🍻


The Villa

Before the F.A.C.U.L.T.I. party, have dinner and some drinks during the Music Bingo! Afterwards, we will all go to the F.A.C.U.L.T.I. party together to enjoy a great night out! All first-year students can join.


F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Jungle Party

't Lempke Stratumseind 28-30, Eindhoven

Join us in 't Lempke for a Jungle themed party, and win prizes in the beer contest!

Lunch session: dealing with change

During this lunch session you can have a talk with a small group of fellow students about the topic 'dealing with change'. If you are interested in tips and would like to share your opinions, then come join this lunch session!  


(pre-)Master students drink (first-years)

The Villa

Are you a first-year (pre-)master student and do you want to get to know your fellow students? Then join this activity! You will participate in a pub quiz during this drink, get free pizza and have lots of fun!


International Night

Come join the International Night to play some fun games and drink some shots from other cultures.


Lunch Lecture DAF

DAF will give a presentation during lunch time!


Lunch Lecture MARS

MARS will give a presentation during lunch time!


Teamweekend Drink

The Villa

Teamweekend is proud to announce that we’re bringing some of the finest local Drum and Bass artists to the Villa for one of the best drinks/parties to have ever happened there: LiquiciTeamweekend!

Drinking buddies – Gala subscription Drink

The Villa

Join the drinking buddy Drink on Thursday 27 October. 🍻
See if you can keep up with each other at the drink where you have to drink the same amount as your buddy!  

Industria Weekend

From the 2nd until the 4th of June, Industria will have one of the best weekends of the year; Industria Weekend. Together with a lot of Industria members, we will travel to a secret destination, where we will have a weekend full of fun together. Make sure to join us by getting a ticket during …

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Exam drink

The Villa

Want to take a break from studying? Come have a beer at The Villa!🍻

Master thesis award

On the 9th of November, the next Career Activity of Alumnia will take place. This time, five graduates will pitch their thesis and the best thesis will be awarded! During this night, we will focus on the social impact and applicability of the designed solutions. The audience will vote for the best thesis and, afterward, …

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Quartile Closer

On the 10th of November, there will be another Exam Drink in The Villa.
This drink will have a surprise theme. 
During this Drink, we will celebrate the end of the first Exam week and the end of the first Quartile!

Make sure to be there with all of your friends!

Gala Suits fitting

On the 14th of November, there will be an opportunity to get a cheap suit from Quality Tailors. 
For only €169, you will receive a suit that ensures you are well-prepared for the Gala. 
The fitting will take place from 11:30-13:30 in The Villa. 

DIES Awareness Knak Lunch

Get a free 'broodje Knak' at The Villa and get to know the great activities that will be organized during Industria's DIES (Birthday) week.

Business Trip

The Business Trip will go to Dublin this year! During this trip, multiple companies will be visited and we will also have a Tour around the campus of Trinity college, one of the most respected universities in Ireland. Next to this, we will explore the night life in Dublin and enjoy some beers! The Business …

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Lunch Lecture Accenture

Accenture will give a lunch lecture in which they take you into a real-life case of a customer, a supplier of electrical vehicle charging points.


CITI Session

On the 16th of November, there will be another CITI session.

Come and have lunch with us, hear about amazing travel stories and how CITI can help you with their cheap travel opportunities.

Hope to see you all there!


World Cup: The Netherlands vs. Senegal

On the 21st of November, the World Cup starts. 

Come and watch the game of The Netherlands with us in The Villa. 

Hope to see you all there!

Industria Congress 2022

Are you joining the 39th edition of the biggest event from Industria, the Industria Congress on the 22nd of November?

Free – €10.00

BEP seminar

Get a great start on your Bachelor End Project by joining this lunch! Here, you will receive important information about this stage of your bachelor and there will be enough time to ask questions.


DIES: Start of the DIES week

The DIES week will start on the 24th of November with the opening. Every member can come to The Villa, eat some delicious cake, and drink champagne with the board.

Internal Constitution Drink

On the 24th of November, the DIES week will start off with the Internal Constitution Drink, where active and non-active members are welcome to join the drink and do a shot with the 59th board. 

DIES: Hangover lunch

On the 25th of November, the board will give away free lunch during the lunch break because of the DIES week. 

Make sure to be their to receive some delicious lunch!

DIES: World Cups The Netherlands vs. Ecuador

On the 25th of November, our Dutch Lions will be facing Ecuador during the 2022 World Cup. 

Make sure to come and watch the game with all of your friends in The Villa with very cheap beer!

DIES Theater Night

During the Monday evening of the DIES week of Industria, there will be a movie theater night!


DIES: Grolsch Factory visit Enschede + WC Ned vs Qat

On the 29th of November, the Secret Activity of the DIES Week will take place. 

During this activity, we will also watch the World Cup match of The Netherlands vs Qatar. 

We hope to see you all during this activity and to watch the match with your friends!

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