Battle of the Tables

The Villa

On the 17th of February, The Villa will host the Battle of the Tables! Can your table drink the most beers?



The Villa

To start the carnaval-week off in the right way, The Villa will host Pre-Pullûhrijk! On Wednesday the 23rd of February, we will have an open drink in The Villa from 5 till 8!

Pullûhrijk 2022

The Villa

Pullûhrijk 2022 is finally here! This year, we will celebrate it with all of you in Premium Student Bar The Villa on Thursday the 24th of February!
From 5 till 8, you can dress up as crazy as you like, listen to Carnaval-tunes, and drink half-liters out of the original Pullûhrijk 2022 glass-pul!

Free – €5.00

KIP Contest

As some activities have been cancelled due to the covid-19 measures Industria has some budget left. Do you have an awesome idea on an event that Industria must organize or something tangible that adds to the needs of Industria members?

Digital Ladies in Data

Op 8 maart tijdens International Women’s Day organiseert het Atos Leading Ladies in Tech netwerk verschillende events waar jij je kan laten inspireren over jouw werk in het digitale werkveld bij Atos!

F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Hollywood Party

On the 8th of March, F.A.C.U.L.T.I. organizes the Hollywood Party @ 't Lempke. Dress as your favorite Hollywood character and party with us!

Lean Six Sigma

We have good news! Industria is organizing a Lean Six Sigma green belt course from the 17th till the 23rd of March. In the evening, we will also enjoy some fun night activities.


Belgium Trip


This year we again have the special Belgium Trip for first years. This year the trip will go to the capital of Belgium, Brussels!

Free – €40.00

Auction Drink

The Villa

On the 17th of March, it is time to collect money for the common good! The Villa will host the auction drink, where we are going to raise money for KiKa!

Elective packages information lunch

The Villa

Because there are many elective packages to choose from and many ways to combine them, we would like to help you. In the lunch breaks on March 21st and April 4th information sessions will be given in The Villa (Atlas 1.750).


High Wine: Mars & ASML & iTrainee

The Villa

During a High Wine you will meet employees of a company and chat while enjoying snacks and a nice wine. The High Wine consists of three rounds. Each round you will meet a new company and taste a different wine.



TBKx 2022 – Circular Economy: Accelerating the transition to sustainable future businesses. In the upcoming days leading up to the event, we will be announcing the speakers one by one.


Company Tour

Do you want to broaden your horizon while having fun? Join us on the Company tour to Dortmund! Second year Bachelor students are invited to join us. You will get to see companies and a university as well as the German culture!

Free – €80.00

Sjaarcie Streets Drink

On the 24th of March, the first drink organised by Freshmen Comittee will take place.

P&G lego game


Building your own toothpaste supply chain with LEGO – how does that work?! On March 29, Procter & Gamble will join us at Eindhoven University to play “the Supply chain …

P&G lego game Read More »


Business Trip 2.0 : Budapest


Feel like going away for a weekend? Join us on the Business Trip 2.0 to Budapest!  

Free – €120.00

Gold Members Drink

The Villa

On the 31st of March, The Villa will host the lustrous Gold Members Drink from 17:00 till 20:00!

Parents day

TU/e campus

On Friday, April 8, the parent’s day of Industrial Engineering will take place. On this day, your parents/caretakers will get to experience your life as a student, without you having to show them everything yourself.


Exam Drink

The Villa

On the 14th of April, you can get away from the stress of exams and come have some drinks in The Villa

Hitchhike Subscription Drink

The Villa

Upcoming 21st of April from 17:00 till 20:00 the subscription drink for the Hitchhike will take place in The Villa!

App Knaklunch

On the 26th of April from 1230-1330, you will receive a free broodje knakworst when you download the Industria App. So come get your free broodje knakworst at the Villa …

App Knaklunch Read More »

ESTIEM Voting Session

The Villa

This voting session will cover what Industria will vote for during the Council Meeting of the ESTIEM network. Join if you are interested!

C.I.T.I. Board Infolunch

The Villa

Are you interested to be the next board of the international pillar of Industria? Join the infolunch!


Sailing Weekend x Ducttape Drink

The Villa

he subscription drink will take place on the 28th of April, so make sure you are there to join this amazing weekend! Along with the subscription drink, we will organize the Ducttape drink!


From the 29th of April until the 1st of May the Batavierenrace will take place. This is the largest relay-run in the world, in which students from all over the Netherlands run from Nijmegen to Enschede and several parties are held in both cities.

Free – €35.00

Meet The Partners Dinner

Where you see Industria, you see them: our Platinum and Gold Partners! This event is a unique chance to speak to representatives from the most promising employers


Lunch Lecture PWC

The Villa

Get to meet PwC and learn about their opportunities and projects!


Strategy & Consulting Business Course


Wil jij weten hoe het is om mee te werken aan Strategie en Consulting projecten? Heb je een passie voor business, technologie en digitale ontwikkelingen? Ben je benieuwd hoe het is om onderdeel uit te maken van een groot internationaal kantoor, waar successen samen worden gevierd? 

Sjaarcie Netherlands Drink

The Villa

On the 12th of May, the Freshmen Committee will organize The Netherlands-drink! Join the drink to celebrate the Dutch culture, and of course have some Dutch drinks!

Bartenders Wanted Drink

The Villa

On the 17th of May, The Villa organizes the Bartenders Wanted Drink from 16:00 till 18:30!

Active Members Trip

Are you an active member of Industria? Then join us Wednesday the 18th of May, at the Active Members Trip!



The Hitchhike that will take place from 19-21 May. On the first day, you will do a hitchhike competition in couples, and you can win by being the fastest and …

Hitchhike Read More »

Free – €85.00
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