Lustrum-Week His’ and Her’s Dinner

Join us on November 28th for the His and Hers Dinner at Umami! This isn't just a dinner; it's an experience! Get into a chic setting where men and women […]


Convent Subscription

This message is meant for master students and motivated bachelor students who master the Dutch language Zit jij in de eindfase van je bachelor of master en heb jij altijd […]

Lustrum Gala

Kasteel Aldendriel Kasteelsestraat 4, Mill

🌟 Celebrate the Grand Finale of our Lustrum Week at the Lustrum Gala! 🌟 Join us in the majestic setting of The Aldendriel Castle, a venue that promises an evening […]

€45.00 – €67.50

Europe 3D Spain

Madrid and Seville , Spain

Do you want to have the chance to explore Spain with 20 fellow IE students from all across Europe? Do you want to see the absolutely best spots there, together […]

Congress Board Infolunch

Are you interested in organizing the next Industria Congress? Make sure to join the infolunch!


High Wine

The Villa

A High Wine is a networking event where you can have in-depth conversations with interesting companies under the pleasure of a good wine and appetizer!
Mars, Procter & Gamble, and ITrainee will join this edition and you can get to know all three companies better. 


Yearbook + Sinterklaas Drink

The Villa

Our Yearbook committee worked hard last year to capture all your memories in one book. Come and join this drink to get your own Dino themed yearbook with a personal […]

Battle of the Houses Drink

The Villa

Bring your house to this drink and battle against other houses! Let's see which house can drink the most beers!🍻 We will also introduce one of the new beers: The […]

Christmas Dinner

To celebrate Christmas and the end of 2023, the Christmas dinner will be held!


Lunch Lecture Amgen

The Villa

Lunch Lecture Amgen!
Amgen is a leading biotechnology company in the field of human medicines
Buy your ticket for a free lunch


Committee Subcription Q3

The committee subcriptions are open for the committees starting in quartile 3! Joining a committee makes you an active member which has many great advantages: FREE Active Member Clothing Active […]

Inhouseday Accenture


Inhouseday at IT consultancy firm Accenture in Amsterdam
Buy your ticket for this interesting afternoon


C.I.T.I. Travel Lunch

The Villa

Grab some free lunch on the 20th of December, and join us for this upcoming travel lunch! During the lunch, the board of C.I.T.I. will talk about YOUR possibilities in […]


Drinking Buddies Drink

The Villa

Come and enjoy some nice beers with your friends! You can tape yourself to one of your friends and be drinking buddies for the drink!

F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Pubcrawl

Get ready for an epic F.A.C.U.L.T.I. night! On December 21st, join us for the F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Pubcrawl as we head to Tilburg. Hop on the bus departing from Eindhoven for an […]


Education Awards

Cast your vote now and have a chance of winning one of the €10 giftcards!

CV Workshop

The Villa

CV Workshop by TU/e Career Academy


Lustrum Cantus

The Industria Cantus will return on the 9th of January!


Lustrum Lunch

After the cantus of the day before, a very welcome lunch will be arranged for you!

Belgium Trip and Company Tour Drink

The Villa

Come and join us for a lovely drink with your friends after the Christmas Holidays!🍺 In this week's drink it is also possible for the first and second years to […]

178th GA: Lunchbreak

The Villa

Join us for a this General Assembly on Monday, January 15th, at The Villa from 12:30 to 13:30. We really appreciate your input so be there! Participate, share your ideas, […]



The Villa will be closed due to the P-ceremony

Committee Market

At the Committee Market you can get to know all the committees open for subscription! Hear stories from past committee members and know what Industria can do for you! There […]

Music Bingo Drink

The Villa

Our Freshman Committee has worked very hard to organize this Music Bingo drink for you! Come join and play Bingo with a refreshing beer!🎵🍺

Education Awards Drink

The Villa

Make sure to stop by the drink to catch a break from studying! During this drink, the IE Education Awards will be handed out to the best teachers of last year, […]

QC – Sibling Drink

The Villa

Come and celebrate the end of the exam week with us and your siblings at this Sibling Drink!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Have a nice beer while introducing them to The Villa and your […]

Board infolunch

Are you interested in becoming the next Industria board? Or do you want any information regarding the next board? Come by this lunch!


Board infolunch #2

Are you interested in becoming the next Industria board? Or do you want any information regarding the next board? Come by this lunch!


Industria @ Carnaval Activity Week

From the 8th to the 13th February, C.I.T.I. organizes a week for ESTIEMers from all around Europe. Together with all people from Eindhoven, we show them how it is to […]


Koeveld Koeveld, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Start of carnaval this year with Industria's biggest annual party! Dress up and bring all your friends to enjoy great music and beers in your specially designed 0,5L mug.


Lunch Lecture GXO

The Villa

Lunch Lecture by Platinum Partner GXO
Join and get a free lunch!


Craft Beer Cravings Drink

The Villa

This Thursday we have the Craft Beer Cravings Drink!🍻 Since we all love a nice craft beer, we arranged three different kinds for you. Enjoy a delicious Duvel 666, Weizen […]

Induskia 2024

Risoul , France

Induskia 2024, the most fun week of your life with a lot of après skiing and unforgettable stories!

Induskinee Drink

The Villa

While others are joining the Induskia Trip, we organize a nice drink for everyone staying home. Come join the Induskinee Drink where you can enjoy delicious Flügels for €1.30 and […]

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