Surprise Drink

Field next to Hubble

Enjoy the sun, some beers and games this Thursday at the field next to Hubble☀️🍻

Exam Drink

Field next to Hubble

Do you want to drink away your stress of the exams? Join the outside exam drink at the field next to Hubble!🍻

Industria Coffee Cup

Buy your own reusable Industria Coffee Cup to make sure you can enjoy your free coffee or tea in The Villa!


Industria end-BBQ

Come and enjoy some tasty beers and a fantastic barbecue on the last Thursday of the year!

Free – €2.50

Committee subscriptions 2023-2024

Do you want to get to know new people and organize a cool activity? Join a committee at Industria! Below, all committees are highlighted. Please give us your top 3 committees.

Sailing Trip

Come and join the Sailing Trip of Industria at the end of the year!

A weekend full of fun, drinks and sailings. 

Get your ticket below!


Introduction Week Tent Party

Come to the best party during the Introduction Week! Tickets are €2,50, and they are limited, so make sure to get your ticket fast.


Knaklunch start of year

The Villa

Come to The Villa and get a free broodje knak to celebrate the start of the new academic year with the 60th Board!

Pullûh Vullûh Ticketsale

On Tuesday the 5th of September the ticketsale for Pullûh Vullûh takes place in The Villa. Make sure to get your tickets!

Board Cooks


Meet the new board and taste the delicious meal they will prepare for you! Entrance is free so make sure to come grab a plate!

Lunch Lecture Itility

The Villa

Lunch Lecture Itility about Industry 4.0
Buy a ticket to get free Lunch!


Pullûh Vullûh


Come celebrate the start of the academic year with us during one of our biggest parties, Pûlluh Vûlluh!


IRP info lunch

After the highly successful IRP trip last summer to South Korea and Singapore, this amazing study trip will be back next summer! During our information lunch we will tell you everything that you can expect from the trip of this academic year, what is expected from you and last but not least we will reveal the destination!


Pre-Lustrum Drink

The Villa

Come enjoy some beers before the XII Lustrum Opening Party!🍺

Alumnia Dinner

Boca Grande Dommelstraat 17, Eindhoven

Have free dinner and start networking with Alumnia!


XII Lustrum Opening Party

Vibes Lardinoisstraat 8, Eindhoven, Netherlands

On the 21st of September, the 12th Lustrum of Industria will be opened!

Get Tickets €7.50 89 tickets left

Committee market

The Villa

See what different committtees you can sign up for

IM (pre-)master pubquiz

The Villa

Join us in The Villa to enjoy an amazing pubquiz together with your fellow IM students and teachers!

Get Tickets Free 50 tickets left
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