Committee Subcription Q3

The committee subcriptions are open for the committees starting in quartile 3! Joining a committee makes you an active member which has many great advantages: FREE Active Member Clothing Active […]


Induskia 2024

Risoul , France

Induskia 2024, the most fun week of your life with a lot of après skiing and unforgettable stories!

Induskinee Drink

The Villa

While others are joining the Induskia Trip, we organize a nice drink for everyone staying home. Come join the Induskinee Drink where you can enjoy delicious Flügels for €1.30 and […]

Yearbook 2024

As this year marks the 12th Lustrum of Industria, the yearbook committee is working on an amazing Lustrum yearbook that will be published at the end of 2024. Make sure […]

Alumnia Drink

The Villa

Come to the drink and chat with Alumni

Travel Lunch

The Villa

Enjoy the FREE lunch


Speeddates 61st Industria board

De Vooruitgang Markt 11, Eindhoven

Are you interested in doing a board year at Industria? Make sure to sign up for the speeddates to get some valuable first-hand experience from the current board whilst enjoying […]


Belgium Trip

Leuven Leuven, Belgium

Belgium Trip 2024
Subscription Drink

Free – €40.00

Battle of the Generations

The Villa

Come and join us for this Thursday drink where you can battle with your fellow students to see which year can drink the most beers!🍻

Pictures Lustrum Card Decks

During this time, you can secure your spot on a card in the Lustrum Card Decks! The Lustrum Committee will be ready to take the pictures and bring some accessories. The only thing you have to do is wear some fancy clothes and smile!

Master Leisure Activity 1

Dear master students, Now is the moment to stop studying and start socializing with each other! The Master Leisure Committee is organizing a beer tasting workshop at the Belgisch Biercafé, […]

Free – €15.00

Company Tour

Company Tour will go to Strasbourg, France! The trip will be from the 21st till the 23rd of March, so make sure to block those dates in your agenda!

Free – €80.00

Pictures Lustrum Card Decks

During this time, you can secure your spot on a card in the Lustrum Card Decks! The Lustrum Committee will be ready to take the pictures and bring some accessories. The only thing you have to do is wear some fancy clothes and smile!

Auction Drink

The Villa

This Thursday the Auction Drink will take place! Many cool items are being auctioned to support a group of Tappers who have taken the initiative to run the half marathon […]

Gold Members + IW Drink

The Villa

This Thursday, we are going to honor all the Gold Members of The Villa! Additionally, there is the chance to subscribe for the Lustrum Industria Weekend. Go get your ticket […]

Lean Six Sigma: Infosession

During this infosession, we will provide you more information about the LSS course YOU are able to join from 6-12 June. The contents of the course, why it's so useful, […]

Batavieren Subscription Drink

The Villa

Join us this Thursday for some lovely beers with your fellow students🍻 There will also be a possibility to sign up for the Batavieren race!

Exam Drink

The Villa

Come take a break from studying and enjoy a few beers at this Thursday's Drink!🍻

Quartile Closer: Battle of the Committees

The Villa

To celebrate the end of the 3rd quartile, come and join the drink on the 18th of April. During this quartile closer the committees will battle it out to crown […]

Intercultural Night

On Wednesday night, April 24th, an intercultural night will be organized at the Villa. During this night, you will be able to get a taste of several different cultures. Feel […]

Drink like a King

The Villa

To get into the right mood for this weekend, we're hosting a "Drink like a King" drink this Thursday! Battle it out with your fellow students to see who the […]

C.I.T.I. Board Infolunch

Grab yourself some free lunch while listening about how it is to be C.I.T.I. board! During this session you'll have to opportunity to ask any question you may have, or […]


Q&A 61st Board

You can come to The Villa from 16:30-19:30 to learn all about the possibilities of becoming a part-time board member. The whole board is there to answer any questions and […]


BEP seminar

Are you a prospective BEP student and would you like to receive more information and tips&tricks from previous BEP students? Then make sure to join this session with free lunch!


Crew Drink

The Villa

This Thursday we have very special bartenders. Join us for the Crew Drink, where the beers are drafted by current and former Crew members!🧡

Freshmen Pubcrawl

Fancy some pizza and beer on a nice Thursday night? Join us on Thursday the 2nd of May to have some pizza at university before heading together to Stratumseind and […]

€5.00 – €7.50

IRP board infolunch

Attention (upcoming) master students! Do you want to be part of something incredible? Join the IRP 2025 board and help organize the most thrilling study trip at TU/e! In past […]


Tappers Wanted Drink

The Villa

Would you enjoy working behind the bar in The Villa, drafting beers at big parties, and having fun with a close friend group of Tappers? Then join us for the […]


Industria Day

Join us for a trip to a secret destination, an exciting activity, and a night out in the secret city on May 9th.

Free – €75.00

Canceled Industria Weekend

Unfortunately, the Industria Weekend will not take place this year.

Electives Lunch

The Villa

Are you a first-year (or higher) student and are you curious about all the elective courses our department offers? Then make sure to attend this event, where you will get […]


Beer Pong Drink

Koeveld Koeveld, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Get ready to soak up the sun at this Thursday's Drink! Join us for Beer Pong and fun in the sun with your fellow students. See you there! 🍻☀️

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