Convent 2023 will take place on 1-3 March!

Auction drink

The Villa

Come bid on the nicest auction items the 2nd of March and make sure you get your favorites.🍻

Alumnia Thursday drink – Golden Oldies

Come and enjoy some beers together with Industrial Engineering alumni! Broaden your network and explore possibilities for after your studies, or just enjoy the free beer. 

Parents day

On the 10th of March, the Parents Day will take place! On this day, you can show your parents what a day in your life looks like. You will follow …

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Lunch Lecture Unilever

On the 14th of March, Unilever will pass by for a lunch lecture in The Villa.


Speeddates 60th Industria Board

De Carrousel Markt 35, Eindhoven

Get function-specific insights and ask all your questions at the speeddates!


Lean Six Sigma

We have good news! Industria is organizing a Lean Six Sigma green belt course from the 16th till the 21st of March. In the evenings, we will also enjoy some …

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Belgium Trip


Every year, the first-years go on the Belgium Trip! We will have a great time in one of the biggest Belgian cities, where we will visit a company, tour the …

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Red cup Drink

The Villa

Thursday the 16th of March it is time for the long awaited auctioned drink 2022! 


The FACULTI party is coming up, and this means another pre-FACULTI for all first-year IE students! The pre-FACULTI will take place after the Career Day, so it is the perfect …

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Company Tour

From the 23rd until the 25th of March the Company Tour will take place. 

This is a trip to a city in Germany! 

Save the date!


Hitchhike subscription drink

The Villa

Join the Hitchhike subscription drink to score your ticket for the Hitchhike while enjoying a nice beer!🍻

TBKx 2023 – Success Stories

Domusdela Kanaalstraat 4, Eindhoven

TBKx 2023 – Success stories: behind every success is an even better story 

Listen to five inspiring speakers talk about their experience with success. In the upcoming days leading up to the event, we will be announcing the speakers one by one.


Gold Members Drink

The Villa

Thursday the sixth of April it is time for the Gold members drink! A drink to honour the biggest sponsors of The Villa!😉🍺


From the 7th to the 9th of July, Industria will go on a sailing trip again!
Make sure to be there and save the date!

Exam drink

The Villa

Relax and take a break from studying at The Villa!

Quartile closure – Sibling drink

The Villa

This quartile closure's theme is Siblings! So make sure to bring all your siblings to the drink, to show them how we do it here at Industria.👭🍻

Lunch Lecture Footlocker

On the 25th of April, Footlocker will visit The Villa to give a presentation about an automation project at their Distribution Centre.


Meet the Partners Dinner

Each year, Industria organizes a Meet the Partners Dinner for our members to get to know our partners better. This year, the following partners will join the Meet the Partners Dinner: Accenture, DAF, DPD, DOW, Finaps, Footlocker, Jumbo and ProDrive. 

Free – €10.00

C.I.T.I. Board Infolunch

The Villa

Are you interested to be the next board of the international pillar of Industria? Join the infolunch!


Freshmen Activity

Save the date!

On this day the freshmen committee will organise their activity for all freshmen. 
For only €5 you can participate in a fun activity and receive an free pizza!


Jeu de Borrel

Come join us at the first outside drink of the year: the jeu the borrel! The location is the field next to Hubble!

1st year – Tappers wanted drink

During the year, we have been able to enjoy the Thursday drinks in our student bar The Villa. Every year we search for new, enthusiastic first years who love to be both in front of the bar and behind the bar. That is why we organize the Tappers (Bartenders) Wanted Drink on the 17th of May between 16:30 and 19:00! We hope to see a lot of you on Tuesday the 9th of May!

Travel Lunch

The Villa

Our International Pillar CITI will organise a lunch to network with people who love to travel and update you about their progress.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the travel lunch!


BEP Seminar

Are you gearing up to start your Bachelor End Project (BEP)? Join us for our upcoming BEP seminar where you'll receive all the information you need to start your project …

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Lunch Lecture DOW

On the 16th of May, DOW will visit The Villa to give an informative presentation on their business.


Infolunch IRP board

The International Research Project (IRP) is a study trip combined with internationally oriented research projects. This year's trip is going to South-Korea and Singapore. As IRP board, you can decide …

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The Villa

Join for pizza for €1! Open to all members

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