Inhouseday Zuidas [CANCELED]

Are you dying to see what is happening on the rich and famous Zuidas? Then this is you chance to see what is happening there! 

Inhouseday Jumbo

Jumbo Veghel

Let's meet Jumbo! On the 24th of May, you get to chance to meet Jumbo and to get a closer look at the main office of Jumbo.


C.I.T.I. Travel Lunch

The Villa

Get an update about all travel opportunities within Industria and enjoy a free lunch!


170th General Assembly

Luna 1240

On Monday the 30th of May, the 170th General Assembly will take place.

Villa Lustrum Lottery Drink

The Villa

On Thursday the 2nd of June, The Villa will be celebrated! On this date, the Lustrumcie will organize the Lustrum Lottery Drink!

Industria Weekend

The Villa

During the drink on the 7th of April you can subscribe for the Industria weekend on 3rd of June - 5th of June.

Free – €50.00

Lunchlecture Foot Locker

During this lunchlecture you will get an insight in the organization of Foot Locker while enjoying some free lunch. 


Freshmen Activity

The Villa

June 8th there is a spectacular activity planned for all the first years!


Industria DIES: Gala 2021

The annual gala takes place on the 9th of June. We will start with a delicious dinner and after that the party starts. We have missed the gala a lot last year, so this year we will celebrate for two years!

Free – €65.00

Workshop ‘Pitch Stop’

Atlas 8.310

Do you want to learn how to pitch like a pro? Do you want to practice your presentation skills for your (BEP) presentation? Come and join this workshop!


Lunch Lecture AME


This weeks lunch lecture is for AME.  AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of high quality electronic products. During this lecture they will talk about the existence of the …

Lunch Lecture AME Read More »


Master Leisure Activity


Are you an IE master’s student? Then join us for the first-ever master leisure activity!

Free – €15.00

Lunch session: Learn to say ‘NO’

Atlas 6.318

During this lunch session you can have a talk with a small group of fellow students about the topic 'Learn to say NO'.  In this session a professional will also be present to give tips and advice.


Villa Beach


On the 16th of June, we will enjoy the sunny weather in a beach vibe during Villa Beach; Silent Disco!


Ladies borrel

Den Bosch

21 juni organiseert de L&vS Group, de overkoepelde groep waar Student Consultant onder valt, een dames borrel! Ben jij een dame en geïnteresseerd in consultancy? Kom vooral langs om meer …

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Thursday Drink: Outside games


This Thursday, Industria organizes together with The Villa an outside drink once again! During this drink you can enjoy your drinks in the sun, while playing some games with your friends.

Exam Drink

The Villa

Do you want to get away from the stress of the exams? Come have a beer in The Villa during the Exam Drink on the 30th of June!

Sailing Weekend


From the 8th till the 10th of July the first official Sailing Weekend will take place! We are going to Friesland to sail on the beautiful lakes with so called …

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Free – €99.00

Pullûh Vullûh


The time has arrived, on the 5th of September Pullûh Vullûh 2022 will take place!  Pullûh Vullûh is one of the biggest parties of Industria to celebrate the start of the new college year.

Come together with your friends to drink some beautiful golden pints! Make sure to clear your agendas from 17.00 till 21.00h.


Outside drink

Come join us at the first outside drink the 8th of September at koeveld! Catch up with your fellow students after the summer holiday while enjoying a delicious cold beer.☀️ We …

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Alumnia Dinner

The Villa

Join Alumnia for dinner at The Villa!


Board Cooks

Koeveld Koeveld, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant

Come enjoy a cold beer and a FREE dinner at Board Cooks!


Lunch Lecture ASML

The Villa

One of the most high-tech companies in the Netherlands, ASML, will give a presentation about their business.



The Villa

The C.I.T.I. BBQ is back! Join us and talk about international travel over dinner.

Free – €6.00

Infolunch IRP participants

Do you love to travel and visit the biggest companies in the world?
Make sure to join the IRP Infolunch!


Introduction Weekend 2022

Are you a first-year student and want to get to know your fellow first-year students, then Introduction weekend is the perfect activity for you!
From 23th until the 25th of September, 60 first-year students will join the Introduction weekend. 
Make sure to join this amazing trip!

171th General Assembly

On 26th of September, the 171th General Assembly of Industria will be held. 
During this Assembly, the 58th Board will step down and the 59th Board of Industria will be installed as the new Board of Industria. 

Hope to see you all there!

Lunch Lecture EY

The Villa

EY is one of the largest multinational professional service companies in the world. Their primary focus is on tax, consulting, and advisory services to clients. 


Constitution Drink

On the 27th of September, the 59th Board of Study Association Industria will hold their Constitution Drink. 
Everybody is welcome from 17-21 hours to celebrate the installation of the 59the board. 

Hope to see you all!

Momentum The Party 2022

Unfortunately, there will be no drink in The Villa on Thursday 29th of September. 
This is because Industria will be helping organize Momentum The Party. 
Make sure to come and party with us at the Markethal! 

Game Lunch

The Villa

Are you a first-year student and want to get to know your fellow first-year students and Industria, then make sure to come to the game lunch @TheVilla

CITI Session

The Villa

Our International Pilar CITI will organise an drink to network with people who love to travel.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the CITI Session!

Bring your house Drink

The Villa

Come join the drink together with your housemates or friends!🍻

F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Jungle Party

't Lempke Stratumseind 28-30, Eindhoven

Join us in 't Lempke for a Jungle themed party, and win prizes in the beer contest!

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