There exist three different enrollment procedures.

1. Draw
This procedure is for all study and/or career activities (excluding Congres). The enrollment will be open for a predetermined number of days. If there are too many subscriptions after the enrollment is closed, there will be a draw, which leads to a list of participants and a reserve list of participants. When there are places left at the end of the period, enrollment will stay open and proceed by the First Come, First Serve policy.

2. First Come, First Serve
This procedure is for all recreational activities. The participant list and the reserve list of participants is created based on the order of enrollment.

3. Selection
This procedure is for the activities IRP and ROTC. The selection procedure and the selection criteria are established by the main committee of the activity in consultation with the board. Selection of participants is done by the main committee and at least one board member.

Withdrawal Procedure
Withdrawal for an activity is only done by sending an e-mail to
1. Activities with a participation fee
After enrollment and payment for an activity, refund is not possible. When no costs have been made by Industria yet, an exception can be made by the board. This will be decided per case. When a participant can unfortunately not join an activity, first the people on the reserve list will be addressed. If there is no one on the reserve list, the person who has unsubscribed is responsible to find someone who can take his place to receive the participation fee in return.
2. Activities without a participation fee
Withdrawal is possible at 3 workdays before the start of the activity at latest.
When withdrawal is done too late or when there is no notice of, first there will be a warning. When this is done more often, it can lead to exclusion of activities

  • Study and career activities (draw term)
    Company Tour (1 day)
    Business Trip (1 day)
    BachelorStudyClub (5 days)
    MasterStudyClub (5 days)
    Lunchlectures (5 days)
    Trainings (5 days)
    Casenight (3 days)
  • Consultancy Afternoon (5 days)
  • Meet the Partners dinner (5 days)
  • Operations Research Project (5 days)
  • TBKx (5 days)
  • Congres First Come, First Serve
  • Recreactional activities
  • Belgiumtrip
  • Batavierenrace
    Introduction weekend
    Small initatives
    Christmas Dinner
  • Cantus
  • Finance Week
  • Tournaments


These enrollment policies do not apply for Induskia.

Downloadable PDF: Terms of Enrollment