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How to survive your first year

31 August

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Dear first-year students,

You have all finished an important part of your life namely secondary school. Right now you are entering another part of your life where you are becoming a student. Your student period is a fun period of your life, however, at the same time it is a scary period. New school, new city, new friends and maybe even living on your own for the first time. All these different aspects bring some sort of uncertainty with them and especially in the uncertain times we are currently living in with the Coronavirus. To help you get properly started with your student life we, Industria, have developed helpful guidelines for you to get the most out of your first year. Below will be discussed what Industria can mean for you:



Industria is the name of the study association that belongs to the study of Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven. Currently, the association has grown to about 1.400 members and is one of the largest study associations of Eindhoven. The goal of our association is to fulfill the needs of Industrial Engineering students in the broadest definition possible. Currently, we try to meet our goals by taking care of the following:

* Support our students in studying Industrial Engineering

* Give students the opportunity to organize activities through which they can gain useful skill knowledge  or experience

* Help students in orienting on the job market

* Organize leisure events for our students such as parties

To give you a quick impression of Industria, watch the video below.





Studying at the university is different from how you have studied before. Getting good results starts with having the right material. This means also having the right books. In line with our first goal, Industria offers the possibility to order the books of the courses you will follow in the first quartile. Books can be ordered on Industria members can order books with a discount!



Industria offers a wide variety of activities, which vary from academic-, career- and leisure events. These events are a good way to meet your fellow Industrial Engineering students and participate with them in fun and interesting activities. An example of a leisure event and a career event organized by Industria are Induskia, a skiing trip organized for approximately 70 Industrial Engineering students, and the Industria Congress, a congress during which the whole day consists of cases and presentations held by well-known companies and speakers.

Another activity specifically designed to come in contact with other first-year students is the “After-introday”. On Friday the 11th of September for only €10 you will have a day full of activities, including lunch and dinner. To participate with this event :

1. Send an email to with your name and the notion that you want to participate in the after intro-day.

2. Pay €10,- to the Industria bank account NL06ABNA0528514652 in the name of Studievereniging Industria together with “After-intro day + <your name>”.

3. Your subscription is only accepted if you fulfilled both steps 1 and 2.



Many of these activities Industria does are organized by committees, which are formed by members of Industria. During these committees, students work in groups of approximately 5 students in which they face the challenges which come from organizing such activities. This gives you the possibility to develop your skills, knowledge, and experience. Some committees are also specifically meant for first-year students, and these give you the opportunity to meet more of your peers. For more information about committees, you can ask anybody of the Industria board.


Social media

To get updated with upcoming events follow us on our social media. On these platforms also pictures of past events will be uploaded to give you an expression of what Industria activities are like. You can follow us through the following ways:



Some stories of current first and second-year students 

To give you an impression of how students before you have experienced Industria we have included some stories of current first and second year Industrial Engineering students:

Farah Schepens

Industria made sure my first year of college was an amazing year. Every week on Thursday, we have a drink with awesome persons and after that we go out to our favorite café ‘de Spijker’. These nights are so much fun and that is why Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Furthermore, Industria is the best in organizing great parties, such as ‘Pullûhrijk’, ‘Pullûh Vullûh’ and of course the gala. And there are a lot more events, such as Faculty parties, Intro weekend, the Belgium trip and a ski vacation, but also lunch lectures and a congress. Because of this, you always have fun Industria activities scheduled. You get to know a lot of people with Industria and you make friends for life. Moreover, you can join a committee and organize activities yourself. I was in the committee for the Belgium trip. Unfortunately, this trip was cancelled because of Corona, but it was a lot of fun to organize it and to have a ‘overdrachtsdiner’. I already made so much good memories at Industria and I am sure a lot more will be made.

Marijn Konings

Industria is the ideal way for me to get the most out of my time as a student. Through the committees, I got to know new people, made new friends, and developed myself in ways that were not possible before. For instance, I gained a lot of experience in contacting companies and managing the finances of several activities organized by Industria. Besides that, I built a lot of connections and close ties with my fellow students, with whom have contact outside my studies, but also can contact for questions on difficult subjects.

By joining Industria as a freshman last year I had an amazing time from the first day, both in and outside the university.

Kobi Delahay

Industria makes studying fun. Going to the drink with friends every Thursday, and after this continuing drinking with everyone in the Spijker and finally discussing the evening on Friday afternoon with a hangover in the coffee room (with free coffee !!). In addition, it is super fun to become active in committees, you can organize your own activities/trips and get to know new people, also from other annual layers. And of course, go along with the best ski trip ever 🙂

Daan van Strien

Study association Industria is an added value in my student life. It helps increasing professional skills learned in diverse committees as well as making fun in the student bar or on a study trip. For me most valuable part of this association is that everybody is accepted and open to talk. At any moment you can join a group, committee or other activity but you never have the obligation to do something.


We hope to have you informed enough about what you can expect from Industria during your first year. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask anybody of the 57th board or you can send an email to . We hope you all have a wonderful year!

Kind regards,

The 57th board of Industria


31 August