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ESTIEM: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Event, Dresden

13 October 2017

  • This event has passed.

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Event Week: 07.12 – 13.12
Apply before: 13.10

During the event we will look videos especially made for this course from Gregory H Watson. He’s one of the world leading experts in this field and trained a lot of other Green Belts before. The practical sessions will be facilitated by Trainers of the central LSS Team.
At the end you will already have the possibility to approve what you learned in a case study. We will use Minitab for it, but don’t worry, we will provide you with all necessary information after you get accepted to the event.

Dozens of universities in the United States provide Green Belt training for students, but few universities teach it in Europe. We aim to make the content available for university students around Europe, and equip them with tools to solve even more complex problems in companies.

What is this Lean Six Sigma?

It is many things! It is a globally used methodology (82% of Fortune 100 companies) for quality improvement and project management. It is also a management philosophy and a company culture. It is a project management process for problem solving and a measurement system for performance analysis. Lean Six Sigma is all about process improvement and finding ways to perform better.

Lean Six Sigma combines the philosophy of Lean which aims to minimize waste and create flow and Six Sigma, which uses statistical methods to reduce variation. Often, Six Sigma and the statistics related to it are used to build a better understanding of processes and to find the parts where there are Lean improvement possibilities. Together, they make work and processes much better and faster!

Lean Six Sigma is used in a variety of industries and operations, from production to services and from healthcare to construction.

What is a Green Belt?

The Green Belt itself is a high quality and internationally recognized certificate proving your skills in the area. Typically, people get the Green Belt certificate 2-5 years into their careers and they pay serious money for it. We are providing you with this opportunity for a bargain and already during your studies. You just have to apply these skills after event in an internship at a company and send us the report. Furthermore, the quality of our content is world-class, as it is provided by Gregory Watson.

Does the Green Belt sound like something you would like to have as an Industrial Engineer? Join our training event and boost your career by learning the skills to solve complex problems in companies.


13 October 2017




Dresden, Germany
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