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Europe 3D Spain

5 December 2023

Do you want to have the chance to explore Spain with 20 fellow IE students from all across Europe? Do you want to see the absolutely best spots there, together with locals who know how to put together an amazing week? Dive into a different culture, and be amazed by what ESTIEM and Spain has to offer! An Europe 3D event shows you a country in 3 different Dimensions, namely politics, economics, and culture. You will get a taste of everthing! The participation fee of this event is €120,-. However, after the event you can get a refund from Industria for €85!

NOTE: This is an ESTIEM event. Therefore, if you want to apply, you need to do this through the ESTIEM portal. If you are interested in going to Spain with 20 people from all across Europe, please contact anyone from the CITI or Industria board, so we can help you with the application! You can apply until the 6th of December. 

Event description:

Hello to all the ESTIEMmers out there in Europe, get ready to attend the most exciting event of the year! Welcome to the event that will drive you through the heart of the southern region.. welcome to Europe 3D España!!

We are aware of how well known Spain is thanks to its food, people and parties, but in this event you will be immersed in the whole history of our country.

This event will let you wander and get lost in two of the most exciting cities of Spain, in its history and culture. Thousands of years of multiculturalism, with components as diverse as Roman, Celtic or even Arabic muslim heritage.

Every single element in Spanish history is mirrored nowadays in its high-level architecture, peaceful parks, stunning buildings, welcoming people, delicious gastronomy, and many more things that are waiting to be explored by YOU!

By attending to this event, us spanish ESTIEMers invite you all to discover and fall in love with one of the most diverse and charming countries in Europe. We will make sure you soak up all of its essence: firstly you will visit its capital, the majestic Madrid, an international metropolis but also a cultural reference in Europe. Last but definitely not least, Sevilla, the heart of Spanish charm and Spain’s international fame. A place that you will have the pleasure of visiting it at its peak because the Andalusia Day will take place on February 28th, so you will experience the culture of southernmost Spain from the perspective of a pure Andalusian.

Ready to let yourself get driven into this unforgettable journey?

We are looking forward to seeing y’all 🙂

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5 December 2023


Madrid and Seville
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