Centrum Seksueel Geweld (Sexual Assault Center)

Provides help when you have experienced sexual harassment.  

Were you recently sexually assaulted or raped? Do you need help or do you have questions? They can help and are there for you day and night.  

At the Sexual Assault Center, a team of doctors, nurses, police officers, psychologists, social workers and sex therapists work together to provide specialist care to victims of sexual assault and rape. Ideally, they like to provide professional help within seven days after the event, as this time frame reduces the chances of medical and psychological issues considerably. The police also have a much better chance of finding the perpetrator if forensic investigations are carried out within a week of the event. 

Call sexual assault center and they will put you in touch with a center nearby. It is important that you contact them as soon as possible after the assault or rape so that they can help you as best they can. Everything you discuss with them is treated confidentially.  

Info: You can reach them by telephone 24 hours a day on 0800-0188.