Student Psychologist

Professional help for personal problems, like anxiety, gloominess, stress, relational problems or mourning. 

If you feel that one or more life issues are getting in the way of your study progress, you may be eligible to visit one of the student psychologists (first six sessions are free of charge). Topics that can be discussed with the student psychologist include the following: depressive complaints, anxiety issues like fear of failure, stress related issues and personal circumstances. 

The student psychologists offer several courses for which you can register (e.g. Dealing with stress, stress and burnout prevention). For more info click here. ( 

  • You can register by making an online personal appointment (individual intake interview) with a student psychologist. Please state in the appointment text which course you want to take (e.g. intake interview SFC24 Dealing with stress). 

During this interview, it will be determined whether the course is indeed suitable for your request for help.