Where can a find a student job at our faculty?

If you would like to be a student assistant for our faculty, you can send an email to owi@tue.nl. Please mention your name, student number, year of study and time availability.

How can I upgrade my print credits?

To print, and also to upgrade your credits, you can use the following site: www.print.tue.nl You can also use the campus print app. On the site you can find a link to this app.

Which information can be found on which website?

tue.nl is the general TU/e website and offers a broad spectrum of information. canvas.tue.nl can be used to find information about the courses you are following. PowerPoint slides, assignments etc. can be found on this site. osirisplanapp.tue.nl is the site to plan your courses for the upcoming years. tue.osiris-student.nl is the site to find your grades, enroll for courses, exams… Read more »

How do you sync your TU/e email/agenda/contacts with your smartphone?

It is relatively easy to do this and it makes no difference whether you have an Iphone, Android or Windows smartphone. Add an account with the following settings: Connection: Exchange or ActiveSync Email: your TU/e mail account Server: webmail.tue.nl Domain: tue Username: s…… (your student number) Password: your password SSL Connection: on