Religious Associations

The TU/e has a wide variety of religious associations where you can connect with students from the university.  Credo is the religious umbrella association, representing all spiritual and philosophical student associations, aimed towards connecting all life views.  Everyone has a way of looking at life, the students of the TU/e have a large diversity in backgrounds. It’s important to find people… Read more »

Culture Associations

The TU/e has a wide variety of cultural/creative associations where you can connect with students that share your same interests.  Scala is the umbrella association of the cultural student associations in Eindhoven, located in the Luna building on the TU/e campus.  The associations offer many different activities, ranging from dance to board games, from theater to photography, and much more…. Read more »


Community that focuses on the mental well-being of students and staff on the Eindhoven campus.  Lighthouse is a community of people who are struggling with different mental health issues They aim to support each other and share common experiences in the hope to feel less alone with our problems. To do so, they organize walk-in hours and support meetings focusing on the mental well-being of students and… Read more »


TINT hosts events with the focus on meeting new people, learning from others and gaining new insights and life skills.  TINT offers students the opportunity and a safe place to deal with questions related to personal development, the meaning of life, spirituality, mindfulness, and living in a multicultural diverse community. For that, TINT organizes events and workshops with a wide variety of… Read more »


Fully inclusive community for LGBTQ+ members as well as straight friends.   Compass is an association with as a goal to celebrate diversity and expand their circle of like-minded people. They organize events open to all but centered around LGBTQ+ themes. They show their visibility as an LGBTQ+ community and create a community for people to meet and make friends.  Info: 


International student association of the TU/e, also open to Dutch students.  Community that provides a warm and welcome environment for the international students of the TU/e. With members from over 80 different countries, Cosmos provides a voice for the international students on matters related to the TU/e. They have several committees that organize activities, as well as the introduction day(s) for the new… Read more »

Study Association

Association where you can connect with other students from your department.  Every study has its own study association which organizes drinks and workshops, fun as well as study related. Industria organizes Career, Study, Leisure and International events. Look at the events calendar for yourself to see if there is an event for you! Info: this website