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Friends of Interactie

Are you an alumni of Interactie?
Do you want to support the association?

If both questions answer yes, become a Friend of Interactie!
You can become a friend of Interactie for just €50 per year. With this you will receive a gift and you can attend the barbecues for free. In addition you will receive updates about our events, members and the board.

Our current Friends of Interactie:
Jip de Kort
Marjet Lammers
Thijs Putman
Ida Sanders
Arjen Martens
Bram Vercammen
Martin Schönbeck
Bart Fessl
Etienne van Gils
Edith Rook
Olaf Klooster
Koen Koolen
Mark van Uden
Rick van de Wiel
Thijmen Smith
Astrid Rijkers
Graciëla Hoogendoorn


We would like to thank you all for supporting us!

Interactie Board

The current board is the 25th board of Interactie, installed on the 17th of February 2020.

  • Chairman: Jochem van Asten
  • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Danny Brus
  • Treasurer: Tom Houba
  • Previous boards

    24th board

  • Chairman: Stef Herrebout
  • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Max Sturkenboom
  • Treasurer: Anne Wiltschek
  • Commissioner of External Relations: Daan Mul
  • 23rd board

    • Chairman: Maarten-Job van der Laars
    • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Julie Knipping
    • Treasurer: Eveline van Oosterhout

    22nd board

    • Chairman: Simone Balvers
    • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Eliza den Heijer
    • Treasurer: Jip van Schayik
    • Commissioner of External Relations: Jari Flinterman

    21st board


      • Chaiman: Tom Mul
      • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Robert Lintzen
      • Treasurer: Casper van der Schaft
      • Commissioner of External Relations: Daan Havekes

    20th board

            • Chairman: Thijmen Smith
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM until 09-09-2015: IJfke Broeckaert
            • Secretary from 09-09-2015: Sebastian Hummel
            • Treasurer: Nadja Brouns
            • Commissioner of External Relations: Rens van den Elsen
            • Local Responsible from 09-09-2015: Rens van den Elsen
            • Commissioner of Activities until 09-09-2015: Sebastian Hummel

    19th board

            • Chairman: Stephanie Riffo Rodriguez
            • Secretary : Siros Alamdary Badlou
            • Treasurer & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Tom Koolen
            • Commissioner of External Relations: Olaf Klooster

    18th board

            • Chairman: Victor Teunissen
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Astrid Rijkers
            • Treasurer: Pim Janssen
            • Commissioner of Activities: Casper Miltenburg

    17th board

            • Chairman: Bram Vercammen
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Koen Koolen
            • Treasurer: Yorick Heidema
            • Commissioner of Activities: Arjen Martens

    16th board

            • Chairman: Patrick van Beek
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Bart van Eijden
            • Treasurer: Jeroen Pillaerds

    15th board

            • Chairman: Nic van Kooten
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Wesley van Renswouw
            • Treasurer: Marjet Lammers
            • External Affairs: Edith Rook

    14th board

            • Chairman: Arjan Bouter
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Rombout Kampen
            • Treasurer: Pim Polman

    13th board

            • Chairman: Bob van den Bergh
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Geoffrey van IJzendoorn
            • Treasurer: Arjan Gorter
            • External Affairs: Mark Koster

    12th board

            • Chairman: Salih Kilic
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Rémon te Voert
            • Treasurer: Jeroen Hoeks

    11th board

            • Chairman: Selinde van Raalte
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Ida Sanders
            • Treasurer: Arnout Gorter
            • External Affairs: Rutger Olthof

    10th board

            • Chairman: Marisca Sinkiewiecz
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Thijs Putman
            • Treasurer: Klaas Langeveld
            • External Affairs: Erna Gooren

    9th board

            • Chairman: Niek Pieters
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: René Heunen
            • Treasurer: Vincent Hoffs
            • External Affairs: Maurice Vlek
            • Activities and Promotion: Thierno Diallo

    8th board

            • Chairman: Ineke Noordhuizen
            • Secretary : Jessica Peters
            • Treasurer & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Etienne van Gils
            • External Affairs: Mark Didden

    7th board

            • Chairman: Edwin van Rest
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Martin Schönbeck
            • Treasurer: Peter van Steene
            • External Affairs: Kees-Jochem Wehrmeijer

    6th board

            • Chairman: Judith de Winter
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Susan van Zelst
            • Treasurer: Arie van Santen
            • External Affairs: Hans Kalishoek
            • Activities: Zinzi Meursing

    5th board

            • Chairman: Frederik van der Zanden
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Linda van Helvoort
            • Treasurer: Arianne van Oudheusden (till 26-10)
            • External Affairs: Gijs van der wielen (from 26-10 also Treasurer)
            • Activities: Maurice Raven
            • Promotion: Arianna van Oudheusden (from 26-10)

    4th board

            • Chairman: Guido Pans
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Martijn van Acker
            • Treasurer: Wim Corstiaensen
            • External Affairs: Laureijs Gouverneur (till 16-06)
            • External Affairs: Marcel Peters(from 16-06)

    3rd board

            • Chairman: Jeroen Mannaerts
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Anthony Carter
            • Treasurer: Maarten Smeets
            • External Affairs: Dennis Krap

    2nd board

            • Chairman: Wim Keijzer
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Peggy Bunnik
            • Treasurer: Nienke Gelders
            • Public Relations: Boukje Ehlen

    1st board

            • Chairman: Bart Fessl
            • Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Marjan van Gennip
            • Treasurer: Wim van Eijk
            • Founding and Publicity: Idwer Bijlsma


    The founders of Interactie are:

        • Marcel van Elst
        • Marlies van Laarhoven
        • Kees Huige
        • Gabriëlle Jansen
        • Joost de Koeijer
        • Léon Stevemans
        • Ralf Strikers
        • Idwer Bijlsma
        • Wim van Eijk
        • Marjan van Gennip
        • Bart Fessl
        • Miranda Kuiper

    Get Involved

    Becoming a member
    Exited to travel and develop yourself internationally? Join Interactie and make sure to get involved! If you want to become a member of Interactie, address one of the board members. Our board members are always present during Industria drinks on Thursdays in the Villa and can be recognized by their purple sweaters. Being a member will only cost you €12,- per year, and will provide endless possibilities. Once signed up, you can join activities, exchanges, ESTIEM travels and more!

    Interactie organizes various events where you can have fun and get to know the other Interactie members. Join us for a barbecue or a nice drink at Hubble community café. See the eventlist below for more information or ask one of the board members.

    Are you eager to travel? Sign up for one of the exchanges. During an exchange, you will join a group of approximately 15 Interactie members to visit another ESTIEM local group. The students there will show you their university, the city, and of course the pubs. Because the trip is organized by local students you will learn about their culture and see places ordinary tourists would never come. To get a better idea, visit the travel stories page and take a look at the upcoming exchanges below. Of course, you can also ask the board or another Interactie member, as we are eager to tell you more or help you sign up!

    ESTIEM events
    Exchanges are a great way of getting to know Interactie and gain a first glimpse of ESTIEM. But are you ready for the real stuff? ESTIEM organizes a variety of events which allow you to develop yourself personally and academically. Check the ESTIEM portal for these events, or take a look at the examples below and the travel stories page. Feel free to contact a board member for more information. For more information on ESTIEM and a list of common events, take a look at the ESTIEM page.

    Joining a committee
    All these great activities are nothing without their committees. As a member of a committee you organize an event or exchange for our local members, ESTIEM members from around Europe, or both. Together with your fellow committee-members you make sure the event will be unforgettable, and gain tons of experience in the process! Below you can find our current and upcoming committees. For more information you can always address a board member. And keep an eye on the committee subscriptions page of Industria.

    When Interactie organizes an event in Eindhoven for ESTIEM members, these students need a place to sleep. And that is where you come in. As a host, you will share your humble student room with an ESTIEM member. You will get to know them in a way you normally wouldn’t and their gratitude will be eternal. On top of that, you will receive a hosting reward in the form of a travel coupon. For more information about hosting, you can contact a board member.

    Positions in ESTIEM
    ESTIEM is a European network of Industrial Engineering associations. Industria-Interactie is one of the members of this European network. In ESTIEM, there are many development options for members across Europe. Do you want to work in an international team or do you want to gain international experience? Then joining a committee in ESTIEM is a perfect option for you!

    Every 15th of the month, ESTIEM publishes the open positions for the different committees on the Get Active! page. Do you want to be updated about Central ESTIEM? Then join the Actives Email List!

    25th anniversary of ESTIEM (Eindhoven, 2015)

    Case study competition TIMES


    What can I do when I’m an Interactie member?
    Interactie organises a lot of events in Eindhoven like trainings, case competitions, barbecues and member drinks. Interactie also organizes a few exchanges abroad each year and a members trip. You can become active by doing a committee with other people, which is a lot of fun and good for your personal development. As an Interactie member, you’re also automatically a member of ESTIEM. Through ESTIEM, you can travel to Europe and meet up with other students. Also, ESTIEM organizes a lot of fun activities in which you can participate.

    How can I sign up for Interactie?
    If you’d like to become a member, just send the board an e-mail and sign up as an Interactie member by filling in a form. Becoming a member of Interactie costs only €12 per year and will bring you a lot of fun activities. Contact information of the board can be found here.

    What is the difference between Interactie and Industria?
    Industria is the association for students of the faculty of Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven, while Interactie is an association that belongs to Industria for more internationally orientated activities. Members of Interactie can travel to Europe and meet up with other students by using the wide network of ESTIEM. Activities organized by Interactie are usually travel related. Activities organized by Industria are usually targeted to Industrial Engineering students in Eindhoven, while those organized by Interactie are more targeted internationally.

    What is the difference between Interactie and ESTIEM?
    Interactie is the (Dutch) study association for international activities for Industrial Engineering and Management in Eindhoven. Interactie is a part of study association Industria. ESTIEM is a Europe-wide organization with a wide network that Interactie uses to travel through Europe and meet up with other students. ESTIEM has its own yearly board, which consist of six European students from all over Europe. When Interactie organizes an event, it is specifically done to attract ESTIEMers from other European cities.

    What is ESTIEM?
    ESTIEM represents more than 60.000 students from all over Europe. It has 79 member associations, called Local Groups, in 31 different countries. Its goal is to build up and strengthen the relationships between IEM students in Europe. IEM stands for Industrial Engineering and Managements Students. Until this date, ESTIEM is the only Europe-wide organization for IEM students.

    All year round, multinational project teams are organising European activities such as student exchanges, case competitions, lectures, trainings and workshops. This makes ESTIEM a unique network that brings together people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

    More information can be found here.

    What can I do within ESTIEM?
    ESTIEM has different kinds of events throughout the whole year. When you are a member, you can “apply” for these events on Of course, you can also try to go on a trip with someone you know and apply together. These events are all over Europe and a lot of fun. All these events have certain themes. For example, an Europe3D event is an event where people get to know the political, economical and cultural aspects of the country they’re visiting. Be careful you won’t get addicted on travelling after your first trip!

    You can also get active in one of the Projects, Committees or Initiatives within ESTIEM. If you’d like to work in a multinational team and get active on a higher level, go to our Get Involved page.

    How can I sign up for an ESTIEM event?
    After signing up for Interactie, you will receive an e-mail through which you can access the ESTIEM portal and start applying for ESTIEM events. The board is always available to help you with this. All events in Europe are organised by people that we know, so you don’t have to worry about being fooled or ending up abroad without help!

    What are the costs of an ESTIEM event?
    Travelling with ESTIEM is really cheap. The participation fee for approximately 5 days of food, accommodation and activities is often around 70-90 euros. This doesn’t cover transportation, and extra costs you make there, like having a drink. Another pro is that Interactie has a reimbursement policy for these participation fees (ask for general conditions). This means that a part of your participation fee can be reimbursed and you only have to pay for your transportation.

    What are committees?
    Committees consist of a few members, who together organize an event, exchange or other things for the local group, ESTIEM members, or both. Being in a committee gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, organize something fun and/or useful for others, and most importantly to have a great time. On this page you can find the different committees that Interactie offers. If you’d like to know more, just contact one of the board members, they’re always open to answer any question you might have. You might also want to take a look at our Get Involved page.

    I have a question about Interactie, ESTIEM or need tips for travelling. What should I do?
    If you’re uncertain about something, you can always send an e-mail to the board or just walk up to any member and ask. We’re always up for answering your questions. Contact information of the board can be found here.

    Where can I find cheap tickets?
    You can use the website to find all the cheap flight, train and bus tickets available to any place in Europe! Other sites to find cheap travel options are:, or From Eindhoven, low cost airlines like Wizzair, Ryanair and Transavia are departing to all kinds of destinations. From Schiphol, there are also some low-cost airlines, like SAS, Norwegian Air and Easyjet. If you go to an event in Germany or Belgium, you can also consider other ways of transportation like the car or train. On the ESTIEM website there is a lot of information per destination about how to get there.

    I lost my password for the ESTIEM portal.
    When you go to, please click on ‘lost password?’ when you try to sign in and then in the red text click on ‘reset your password’ to go to the old portal. There you can click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and fill in your username, so you can retrieve your password. Your user name is always your name as it is written in a normal way, e.g. “Bas de Rijk”.

    How does the ESTIEM Portal work?
    On the following page you can find a small manual that guides you through the Portal.


    What is ESTIEM

    ESTIEM (European students of industrial engineering and management) is the organisation for IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) students who combine learning and travelling. Founded in 1990, their goal is to foster relations between IEM students all over Europe and support their development. ESTIEM consists of 80 member associations, called Local Groups, in 31 different countries. ESTIEM currently consists of 60.000 students.

    ESTIEM members coming together in Porto, Council Meeting 2016

    ESTIEM members coming together in Porto, Council Meeting 2016

    Throughout the year, international committees are organising European activities such as student exchanges, case competitions, lectures, trainings and workshops. This makes ESTIEM a unique network that brings together people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Do you want to stay updated about all the developments, open positions and open calls within ESTIEM? You can always stop by at Atlas 2.328 or send us an e-mail to

    If you become a member of Interactie, you’ll also become a member of ESTIEM. This means you can apply for ESTIEM events on the Portal. The website of ESTIEM is organizes up to 180 events per year with up to 3000 international students! The events are divided into 4 main categories. These categories are academic events, career events, cultural events and personal events.
    Academic events
    During an academic event you will gain knowledge on certain topics. These events range from lean six sigma trainings to events where you will gain in-dept knowledge on a specific topic. These topics can be anything industrial engineering related; from the development of AI to making your production methods more environmentally friendly.




    Career events
    During career events you will practise your career skills and learn how to become an entrepreneur. This is done by competing in case competitions (TIMES) or gaining practical experience, like being a project manager for 5 days.


    Cultural events
    Do you want to broaden your cultural horizon and get a unique insight into the differences between European countries? Then this is the event for you! When you attend a cultural event, you will gain a lot of knowledge about a country and its culture, politics and economics in one week.




    Personal events
    Grow on a personal level by training your soft skills and learn more about your inner motivations during a personal event. During these events you will learn a lot about yourself, and work on skills that are useful in life, for instance during BrainTrainers which range from marketing; innovation and design to learning how to learn.



    What can you do within ESTIEM
    Take a look and see what opportunities there are for you. Depending on what event you’re going to, you will have a week full of lectures on a specific topic, trainings on personal skills, fun activities like city tours and of course awesome parties. On these events, people from all around Europe are gathered with the same goal and are eager to meet you. If you have any questions, you can always send an e-mail to

    Interactie at the Council Meeting Eindhoven 2013.

    Interactie at the Council Meeting Eindhoven 2013.


    ESTIEM Portal

    ESTIEM Portal Introduction

    Once you have become a member of Interactie, you will also be a member of ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management). This means you can join all the events that are organised within ESTIEM. There are 80 “Local Groups” from all over Europe which can organize events with different themes. There are events that show you the cultural, political and economical dimensions of a country(Europe3D), conferences and events that focus on a relevant topic in the Industrial Engineering field or Activity Weeks with certain themes. You can find all the offered events and more on the ESTIEM website, the so-called Portal. On this page you will find a small manual to show you around the Portal.

    When you go to the portal, you can sign in by pressing the sign in button in the middle of the screen or at the top right. Your user name is your full name (E.G. Jan van Doornen) and your password has been sent to you by email at the moment that you were registered as an ESTIEM member.

    Once you have signed in, you will see the screen depicted below this paragraph. At the top you can see the button “apply for upcoming events”, upon pressing this button you will be shown the events ordered by nearest application deadline. Furthermore, some more information about different types of ESTIEM events can be found on this homepage.

    If it is your first time on the portal, it is recommended to update your profile. Updating your profile and filling out some data about yourself will really increase the chances of you being accepted for an event. Since the ESTIEM portal is currently still running on 2 versions (the new and old portal) updating your profile can be quite complicated.

    Updating your profile is done on the “old portal” to go to the old portal, please press the “more” button on the top right corner of your screen and then press the “old portal” button. Once you have done this you will arrive at the “old portal”, this will look as follows;







    You can sign in to this “old portal” using the same credentials that you have just used to sign into the “new portal”. Once you have signed in, you can press the “my profile” button to change your profile information, profile picture but also your password can be changed on this page. When someone else looks at your profile they will be able to see all the events that you have visited, as well as the details that you have filled out.

    Applying for an ESTIEM event
    Now that you have updated your profile, you can apply for an event. In order to do this you will have to go to the “new portal”. In the new portal you can click on the “event” tab (right top of the screen), you will then be able to see al of the available events, the type of event, the duration and the costs of the event. At the event page you can go to the “application open” tab to see all of the events for which you can still apply. On this page you can also use filters to search for specific events/event types.

    When you are interested in an event, you can click on it to get more information. If for instance the lean six sigma event is selected more information about the event will be shown, for instance the application deadline and the other participants for this events that have already applied. Furthermore, this page also shows the cancellation deadline (the last date that you can cancel your participation without financial consequences) and the participation fee (which can partially be declared at Interactie).


    When you click the “apply before” on the right hand side of the screen, you will be asked to write a short motivation of 550 characters. Write this motivation with some enthusiasm, to convince the organisers that you are really motivated to attend the event. Once you have applied, you will get a confirmation mail from ESTIEM. From that moment on, you will have to wait until the organisers have accepted you for the event. This may take a while (after the registration period has already passed). You will receive an e-mail if you are accepted. Once you are accepted and registered for an event, you can still cancel please do this before the cancellation deadline has passed.

    Further possibilities
    On the portal you can also see what is happening within Central ESTIEM and the possibilities within ESTIEM for you. Active mailing list

    \ Events \

    \ News \


    Danny Brus, Feria Activity Week The 2nd of May it was time for another crazy activity week of ESTIEM. This time Thomas and I traveled to the beautiful city of Seville in the southern part of Spain, to celebrate Feria de Abril, a festival which is reoccurring every year two weeks after Easter. Originally it was created as a livestock… Read more »


    Sebastian Bob Hummel, Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) Siegen At the end of April, the first ESTIEM Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) since 5 years was held. This event is the highest level of educational events for ESTIEMers interested in delivering training to their peers. If you’re interested in becoming a trainer, the first step is to go to a Training New… Read more »


    Danny Brus, Utekravallen Activity Week The 17th of May was the day that I departed from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to go to Utekravallen Activity Week in Linköping, Sweden. After arriving at the smallest airport I’ve seen in my life, I walked to the city centre to meet with some old friends I met during Carnaval Activity Week 2018. Together we walked… Read more »