Interactie is the study association for international activities in the IEM field (Industrial Engineering and Management). Interactie began as a committee (Interact.cie) of Industria on the 4th of April 1990. Interactie was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Industria with the goal to give students the opportunity to get in contact with the international aspects of IEM. The association has around 170 members, both Dutch and International (master) students.

One of the goals of Interactie is to let IE (Industrial Engineering) students experience how amazing it is to travel, meet with and learn from other European IE students. Traveling with Interactie can provide you opportunities such as developing your soft and hard skills and making connections all over Europe.

One of the low entry barrier events Interactie organises is an exchange every six months to different cities in Europe.

“This exchange impressed me with all of its warmth and niceness. It has been a great chance to meet French students, experience the French culture and also to get to know the members of Interactie.” (Exchange Grenoble)

On these exchanges you get to know other Dutch IE students, but most importantly the culture of the other international IE students.

Besides the exchanges, Interactie also provides other travel opportunities within ESTIEM.

Here is a short promovideo about what we do and who we are: