AI/Robotics in Payments – master thesis assignment

Internship: AI/Robotics in Payments – master thesis assignment  
By 2018, 50% of the fastest-growing companies will have fewer smart employees than instances of smart machines. 47% of jobs could be automated in the next 10 to 20 years. Robots, automation, and AI will replace 5 million human jobs by 2020. By 2030, 90% of jobs as we know them today will be replaced by Smart Machines. Robots are coming.. and faster than you think!
Job description 
Write a master thesis, based on solid research into the concepts, application and value of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence initiatives in the payments industry.
AI technologies have been around for a while in the payments industry –– think about the neural networks used for dynamic risk scoring –– but it has never been hotter as a topic than it is right now. At a macro-level, AI-based innovation is flourishing in the payments industry. A whole new world of possibilities opens up when personalized connections between customer and merchant are made available through mobile technologies and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is steadily making its way through the payments and financial services world. The technology’s usefulness for fraud detection is clear, but there are other areas where AI can have an impact.
Place in the organization 
You will be part of the Financial Services practice. Accenture Financial Services serves three industry groups: banking, capital markets and insurance. Accenture Financial Services works with the world’s best banks, capital markets firms, and insurers to achieve high performance.
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