Graduate Internship: Machine Learning for Timeseries

Company: EyeOn
Location: Aarle-Rixtel, Croylaan 14

The start date of this internship is February 2020

Are you the enthusiastic and ambitious university student seeking for an internship in the field of forecasting and planning?

Interested in working at an informal and ambitious consultancy company with colleagues specialized in planning and control processes?

Then this could be the internship you’re looking for.


EyeOn strives to enable companies to plan better. We believe that planning should be focused, data driven and supported throughout the entire company. Our role is to support planning professionals of a company in their jobs, by improving their processes, tools, data and even themselves. To reach these goals we have 5 core values that all of us live by:

  • – We have a drive to deliver
  • – We are thought leaders
  • – We need our freedom
  • – We believe in a no-nonsense approach
  • – We need to have fun

Our goals and motivation have led us to the following 3 services:

  • – Data Science & Solutions
  • – Consultancy & interim Projects
  • – Forecast Services

EyeOn is divided into five business units Consumer Products, Process, Complex Products and Sytsmes, and Life Science where we serve customers in the Benelux area as well as the Nordics, Germany, Switzerland and England. Our customer base exists of customers like Heinz, Gibson, Electrolux, Jumbo, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Unilever, Coca Cola, DSM, Kemira, Aspen and many more.

One of our key activities is supporting companies with providing a demand forecast, which means we use many different time series analysis techniques to predict the future demand. These techniques provide great benefit to companies, as they decrease the workload of planners, increase the forecast accuracy and decrease their stocks. We are continuously improving our service by introducing new techniques and improving the technology we use to do our calculations.

Objective of your research

The objective of this assignment is: what is the best approach machine learning methods to forecast timeseries data.

In the end the project should result in a standardized approach which can be used to solve a wide range of timeseries problems. It should be possible to add external data sources or other features to enhance the model.

An application for this type of problems could be promotion planning in consumer products. It should be the aim of the project to use real-life data of a customer of EyeOn and deliver a proof-of-concept which adds value. EyeOn will deliver relevant contacts, business expertise and modelling support to empower the student in its research. A project like this is typically supported by two people from EyeOn, one consultant with a business role and one data scientist with a more technical role.

The exact objective, scope, planning and approach should be detailed out in a project proposal by the internship student.

The planned project start is as soon as possible. The anticipated duration of the project is 6 – 8 months, full time.

 Profile candidate

  • – A university study in Econometrics, Supply Chain, Logistics, Industrial Engineering or similar
  • – Working location: Aarle-Rixtel

Data Science and Solutions (DS²)

During your graduate internship you will become part of the team Data Science & Solution (DS²), which is one of the most innovative teams within our industry. EyeOn DS² is the team that:

  • – Performs data analysis and assessments based on analytical tools in Dataiku like R, Python, Matlab and Tableau;
  • – Implements cloud based planning solutions for our international customers like Astellas, Lekkerland, Sano Rice and Coca Cola;
  • – Helps companies make better forecasting and planning decisions based on quantitative analysis and analytical models.

We are creative minds with a passion for analytics, forecasting- and planning algorithms and a fascination for big data.
DS² is a believer in the future of IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. They develop and implement new and innovative solutions for our customers based on the latest technologies and insights.

Why work for EyeOn?

  • – A great place to work in a no-nonsense environment
  • – A challenging internship at one of the best European onsultancy firms in forecasting and planning
  • – A giant leap in your personal development
  • – High level of autonomy

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About EyeOn

In striving for success, large companies have to continuously struggle against growing internal complexity. We help our clients manage this complexity by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for this success. In order to achieve this, we develop and share knowledge about top level planning and forecasting, with constantly demonstrable return on investment for our clients.
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