Internship Industry X.0 Inspiration Center

Within Consulting we are growing fast in Industry X.0. Industry X.0 is the Digital Reinvention of Industry & Manufacturing. Increasingly, businesses use advanced digital technologies to transform their core operations. Such businesses use this technology to focus on their workers, the customer experiences and ultimately transforming their business models. New levels of efficiency are achieved through integrated systems, processes, sensors and new intelligence in:

  • – Research & Design
    – Engineering
    – Production
    – Manufacturing
    – Business support
  • Worker and customer experiences are reimagined and redesigned through personalization and advances in immersive, augmented and virtual reality. New business models and revenue streams are unlocked by smart, connected products, services and plants that are enabled by new ecosystems. Accenture will open a great Industry X.0 Inspiration Center in Eindhoven in September. This is a great opportunity for you to see the technologies applied and to support with client meetings during your research. Your ideas for improvements for the center and your support will make this a success!

Are you looking for an internship in which you play an active role in formulating a clear vision on the latest Industry X.0 developments? Do you want to do your internship on a subject directly relevant to the clients of Accenture? Accenture offers a full-time internship for at least three months at our office in Eindhoven. If you already have an area in mind, please don’t hesitate to share that with us!

What will you be doing?

During this internship you will (co-)develop an Industry X.0 demo which can be presented to Accenture internally, as well as to our clients in the following areas:


Blockchain is a new way of storing data in a distributed ledger that allows multiple stakeholders to confidently and securely share access to the same information. Blockchain technology provides new infrastructure to build the next innovative applications beyond cryptocurrencies, driving profound, positive changes across business, communities and society. Blockchain will supercharge artificial intelligence and IoT to make everything from supply chains to digital identity management smarter and more secure.

An example of a demo which you can create during the internship at Eindhoven would be a Lego train track utilizing Blockchain technology to demonstrate at small level how the Supply Chain works.


  • IoT is a solution for companies to gather (sensor) data in a central platform and bring valuable information to business operators anywhere and anytime. An IoT solution is built by chain of different technologies, when brought together in the right way, enables industrial companies to move in the digital age. Each of these technologies have recently developed into scalable, standard and cost-efficient solutions, enabling to roll out IoT solutions across the world. IoT is the cornerstone for companies to improve their business and industrial processes or to develop new and smart products.
    Do you get excited when you can connect different objects and get useful data/information out of the sensors? For example, you can transform the Eindhoven office building into the new with IoT, connect the existing demos with each other, creating office heatmaps, or any other IoT idea you already have in mind!

Robotics / Robotic Process Automation

Artificial and Robotics are shaping and evolving the industrial world as we know it. The machines around us become intelligent and repetitive tasks are automated via RPA. Within the manufacturing industry companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve, automate and minimize risk of their processes. Robotic Process Automation is more than a trend, it is a different way to think about business processes and how they are solutioned, delivered and managed, resulting in reduced cost, improved delivery, consistent quality and a completely different digital workforce of the future.

Are you always automating and improving your work and you want to scale this up into a professional environment? At the Industry X.0 Inspiration Center you have the opportunity to create an AI/RPA demo as part of your internship that can show off this Industrial Workforce Revolution!

What can we offer you?

Within Accenture, we offer you a work environment with a focus on your personal development, in which you will receive a lot of responsibility and will be guided by a team of experienced consultants. You will work together with talented colleagues from all over the world on challenging projects for the highest ranked international businesses. You will also receive a compensation and a laptop.

Additional information

  • – Type: General or as part of graduation
    – Period: 5-6 months
    – Hours per week: 40
  • – Location: Eindhoven
    – Start date: Flexible