Market and Business Opportunities Sparckel

Company: Sparckel
Location: Eindhoven


We’re looking for 1 or 2 students doing there BEP project or Master thesis with fresh new energy to investigate the market and business opportunities for our healthy proposition called Sparckel.

Our proposition Sparckel – life needs light –

Stay in step with nature’s rhythm with Sparckel – the first stand-alone biodynamic lighting system in the world to incorporate technology that simulates the power of natural daylight. Sparckel gives you measurably more energy and a better night’s sleep and has a positive effect on your mood… guaranteed!

Our mission is to enable people to benefit from the healthy aspects of light. Sparckel light intensifies our human biorhythm, which in turn slows down dementia, reduces depression, increases our work concentration and motivation, and helps you to enjoy a healthier life at home.

Value per segment

  1. 1. Work

Value for the Work application people perform up to 12% better

  1. 2. Elderly Care

Scientific proven value with Sparckel:  in the Care application, we can decolorate the symptoms of dementia!

  1. 3. Home

In Home application people benefit from better sleep and less depression.


Sparckel has some good successes: winning awards, having happy paying customers with great customer stories and scientific proof. Now it’s time to accelerate growth.

Our assignment is the following: to investigate different growth scenario’s, to score and prioritize them versus each other from qualitative and quantitative point of view based on business criteria, ultimately to deliver an implementation plan. To give an idea about some of the questions to be answered:

  • – Shall we go international and which markets first Germany office market, Swedish Care market and/ or Norwegian Home market?
  • – Shall we partner up to get fast access to international distribution channels and extended sales force? If so, partnering means business valuation, to be able to share company value.
  • How to accelerate organic growth: more awareness & market pull opportunities? Do we need to choose segment and/or prioritize our focus?

In summary

We offer an internship to students to work on valuable technology that substantially improves the lives of people, like sleep, dementia and mood. We need to understand the market better internationally with value to our potential new customers. We offer a vibrant ecosystem in Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus with intrinsically highly motivated professionals. Our team is small, hardworking and enjoying life. Looking forward to new fresh talent to boost our positive energy

For more information, you can contact Maarten Voorhuis, tel 040-8516433 or 0613211932