Master Thesis Data Science (Machine learning and forecasting)

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Company: 2Contact
Location: 's Hertogenbosch

[ Forecasting | Big Data | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence ]

In 1998 2Contact started as a small contact center in Haarlem on Kennemerplein. Since then it has
grown to a business with over 500 staff members. Customer contact is and has always been the core
business and passion of 2Contact. With Data Science projects such as Smart-Call™ in collaboration
with Tilburg University, 2Contact has uniquely positioned itself when it comes to customer contact.

What are you going to do?
Are you interesting in Data Science and do you love a challenge to make new technologies work for
us? Then this is the perfect internship for you! As a intern at 2Contact you will work with Data
Science software such as R, STATA, Azure etc. and will invent new cutting edge Data Science ideas to
optimize operations. You love analyzing data and building forecasting models using the latest
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Possible research ideas:
● Segmentation of our personel base per business unit and defining the best marketing
activities to enhance these segments.
● Building forecasting models to predict the best conversion/costs structure.
● Researching which information is needed to enhance the operation internally and visualizing
this in business intelligence software.

Who are you?
● A Master study in Data Science / Econometrics / Business Analytics / Marketing Analytics or
● Knowledge (or prepared to learn) programming languages such as: R, Python, STATA, SQL
and others.
● You can learn new software easily and understand how to create a frameworks to make
these software communicate.
● You love working with Big Data and know your way around big datasets.

What can you expect?
When you start at 2Contact as a intern, you can expect a lively, fun and challenging work
environment. You will get to see different ML techniques and build forecasting models. You’ll get to
see interesting perspectives on the future of Artificial Intelligence. Your working hours will be flexible
with a fair internship fee. The culture is informal and you could possible be working in the same
environment as the CEO, since there are flexible work spaces. You will be working in
‘s-Hertogenbosch which is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the Central Station, but you
can expect to travel to the headquarters in Haarlem once per month. Don’t worry, it’s also located 5
minutes from the Central Station and your travel expenses are provided for!
If you are interested, have suggestions for possible topics or want to ask some questions? Contact us
via email on: