NanoGate Internship

Location: Geldrop

Company introduction:
Nanogate is a global operating company, specialized in surface enhancement of mainly thermoplastic surfaces. Nanogate originated as a start-up company in 1998, specializing on research and development of integrating nano particles in transparent coating systems.

Now Nanogate is the employer of more than 1,500 people that work in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and United States of America.

Nanogate Eurogard Systems is a leading global specialist in coating two- and three-dimensional transparent plastics materials on its Dutch site in Geldrop for use in construction/buildings, aviation, automobile construction and safety applications.

Internship description:
The legislation on carbondioxide emissions is getting tougher and tougher. Rightfully as we all need to do our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

Therefore Nanogate Eurogard Systems B.V. has actively started to investigate the change of hydrocarbon solvents in their processes to water based coating systems. From our R&D efforts a range of interesting systems have been identified. The process of the introduction of these water based coating systems into our facility, is not any easy task. Multi-disciplinary factors that play an important role are the accurate calculations of carbondioxide emissions, the carbon footprint determination, new legislation that will come into place from European Union and the Dutch government, the technical aspects of changing from hydrocarbon solvents to water based solvents etc. Therefore we are looking for a student to help us to fill out the answers to these complex questions.

A compensation package is part of the acceptance of the internship.

Candidate profile:

  • Student available for at least three months, preferably six months, with a study in Industrial Engineering or equivalent relevant study
  • Enthusiastic, curious, can do mentality
  • Accurate
  • Good expression in Dutch and English

For more information:  Jurgen van Peer, application manager Nanogate

Telephone: 0031615572952 or e-mail: