Programming Thesis (bachelor/master) at Mathima Technologies

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Company: Mathima Technologies
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* General project information: Tangible_Touch HMI System

The Tangible_Touch HMI System is Mathima Technologies advanced, universally applicable (across all conceivable industries), HMI (Human Machine Interface) (touch) panel technology platform, designed to substantially improve the end user HMI interaction for a wide range of specialist applications where, while maintaining context relevant image information and the specific advantages of the touch capability, a GUI (Graphic User Interface) is supported by physical, mechanically solid, extremely reliable and accurate set controls with a fast response time such as push, rotary and slider controls that, at a fixed location, are mounted on a (touch) display screen.

* Specific project assignment: Advanced System-On-Chip MCU Software Architecture (1/14)

This highly complex applied electronics assignment concerns research, architectural software design, testing and firmware implementation of an advanced ARM-based SOC MCU which involves the overall system control coordination for a new class state-of-the-art physical HMI control family for an innovative magnetic sensor platform. Among a broad pallet of HW & SW design constraints are:

  • – different types of host interface
  • – flexible connectivity
  • – automatic system configuration
  • – secure
  • – robust against external EMI
  • – efficient processing
  • – low EMI

For this specific assignment, we are looking for a Master or Bachelor intern with a solid knowledge of ARM MCU HW and SW architecture (or the willingness to acquire this) and the ability to practically implement it. Some knowledge of (high level) embedded C programming is also advantageous.

Candidates are allowed to work from any location complemented by regularly scheduled meetings in Heerenveen. For enquiries and applications contact Henk Schaake by email: .

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