Student Assistant at the IS Group for 2020-21 Academic Year

The Information Systems Group (of the department of IE&IS) is looking for a number of students who can assist the group in its educational efforts for the coming academic year (2020-21).
The assignment will involve assisting in a number of bachelor and (optionally) master level courses.
Student assistants (SAs) are expected to help in instruction sessions (online/offline and/or @campus), assignment grading, and handling inquiries/discussions in Canvas.

We currently have about 3 courses per quarter, and each would require about 2-3 student assistants with about 30 or 40 hours per SA throughout the quarter.
An ideal candidate would be an MS student or 3rd year BS who can help us in assisting one or more courses in each quarter.

Interested candidates can apply via the following Google form**:

Note that filling-in the form above requires logging in using a Google account.
If the candidate does not have a Google account or does not prefer to submit via this form, s/he can use the following one (which does not require logging-in):