Student Assistant positions at the IS Group (for 2019-2020)

Company: TU Eindhoven

The Information Systems Group of the IE&IS Department is looking for a number of students who can assist the group in its educational efforts for the next academic year.
The assignment will involve assisting in a number of bachelor and (optionally) master level courses. Student assistants are expected to help in instruction sessions, assignment grading, and handling inquiries/discussions in Canvas.
We currently have about 3 courses per quarter, and each would require about 30 or 40 hours throughout the quarter.

An ideal candidate would be a 1st or 2nd-year MS student who can help us in assisting 1 or more courses in each quarter.

Interested candidates can apply via the following Google form:

(NOTE: If you prefer NOT to use this form, then please submit required information via email to