Feel lonely? These steps might help you!

Dear members,

The COVID-19 situation is hard on all of us. Contact with family and friends continues to be limited, and social and leisure activities are restricted. This all can cause loneliness – particularly if you are staying at home a lot.

As a study association our main goal is to look after our students and help them enjoy their student time. We are well aware that some students endure loneliness and we want to provide help to these students.

So if you feel lonely, the next three steps might help you!

Step 1.
Are you feeling lonely and would like a casual talk, play a board game or enjoy a lunch together?

This is all possible! If you would like to join these one-on-one sessions you can email Lara Hofstra (l.hofstra@tue.nl) for an appointment.

Step 2.
Are feeling lonely and just want to have a chat with the board?

Call the Industria mobile phone (+31 6 83341129) on Tuesday or Friday between 17:00 – 17:30 and let’s have a chat!

If these timeslots are not possible for you, you can also just send a WhatsApp message anytime!

Step 3.
Are you feeling lonely and just want to meet new people or want to hang out?

Come to the Industria (online) activities! You can find the upcoming activities on the website or on the activity overview on Instagram. If you can’t find a team you can apply individually and we will make a team for you!

If you have any questions or just want to have some more information you can always contact us.


The 57th board


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