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Dear member,


The days become darker, the corona measures stricter, and the exams are calling… But don’t be sad, the event planning of Industria doesn’t get any less! In this newsletter, we will update you on the events and the recent developments within Industria.



In the press conference of the 2nd of November has been stated that face masks are mandatory again in all public spaces. This means that all students must wear a face mask in the hallways of the university. Furthermore, the advice is to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other. Hopefully, we will all stay safe and healthy. Studying at the university is luckily still possible. Furthermore, the planned and regular Thursday drinks of Industria can continue! You can find the event planning for November in the attachments! More information on, for example, the ticket sale can be found on


Coffee room

Our coffee room is open during working hours. Come enjoy a free cup of coffee and catch up with some Industria members inside The Villa. Please note that you must bring your own coffee cup and that it is not allowed to take your coffee outside The Villa. It is still possible to get your own Industria Coffee Cup via the website!

Additionally, every day at 10:30h and 15:15h the board hands out cookies in The Villa!


Active Member Sweaters & ‘t Lempke keychains

Since this summer, Industria started a collaboration with ‘t Lempke. This means that Industria members get a discount on beer and can visit the toilet for free. For this, you need to show your Villa card or a Lempke keychain. You can pick up a keychain of ‘t Lempke at our boardroom!

Are you joining a committee this year, or did you join a committee last year? Then you can also pick up your active member sweater at our boardroom!


Closing times Atlas 5-14 November

From the 5th until the 14th of November, the Atlas building will close at 18:00h due to Glow. This means that studying in Atlas is not possible after 18:00h. MetaForum is still open in the evenings. Moreover, this means that the drink of the 11th of November will be moved to ‘t Lempke, with of course a carnival theme. We look forward to seeing you all dressed up in your carnival outfits.


DIES week

It is almost the birthday of Industria, and we can’t just let that pass without a good celebration. Therefore, from the 25th of November until the 2nd of December Industria will organize a week full of activities. The week will start with a free tompouce in the break on Thursday the 25th of November in the Villa. In the afternoon, the DIES constitution drink will be held from 16:00h until 20:00h. Here you can congratulate the Industria board by doing a toast with us with your committee, year club, or friends. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that follows more activities will take place, which will be announced in the coming weeks.  There are still tickets available for the gala on our website, so get your ticket if you do not have one yet!


Wervingsdagen Activists

Have you always wanted to organize a vast marketing stunt? Want to make promotion for one of the biggest career events in the Netherlands? Join the Activists, a committee of Wervingsdagen. You work in a group of enthusiastic students, ideally originating from the different study associations, that will organize a promotional stunt for the Career Expo. A budget is provided by the Wervingsdagen, allowing the complete and utter freedom to let the creativity run wild.
Activists spend about two hours a week to organize the marketing stunt, in which they are going to brainstorm and prepare the stunt. Additionally, you can assist the Board with the promotion of the Skill Sessions and Career Expo. This way you can familiarize yourself with Wervingsdagen and meet a lot of new people. If you are interested, please fill in the interest form ( or send an email to before the 14th of November. Find more information on or come to our office in Luna 1.244.



Industria organizes nice initiatives around student well-being. Discussion hours take place twice every quartile. These hours are meant to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories on a well-being topic with other IE students. This will be done together with a professional (Sanne Nozza) who will attend and coach these sessions. The next discussion hour is planned for the 15th of November during the break with the topic exam stress and burnout prevention. More information on these events and around the topic of well-being can be found on our website


The Industria board wishes you good luck with your last exams, and hopefully, we will see you at one of our events!


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