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New Industria Coffee Cup


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The new coffee cups are made out of glass and are properly tested on their durability. They won’t easily break in your bag.

For the people that have already paid for the bamboo coffee cups, we want to compensate you. Therefore, you can receive the new coffee cup in two ways.

1) Do you already have an Industria bamboo coffee cup? By bringing your old Industria coffee cup to the boardroom, we will replace your old cup with the new one for free. So, if you still have the Industria coffee cup somewhere in your room, don’t forget to bring it to the university next time you are coming.

2) Don’t you have an Industria bamboo coffee cup? Then you can buy your Industria coffee cup on the Industria website. The coffee cup will cost you €5,- and then you can enjoy free coffee in the Koffiekamer for the rest of your student life.