Industria takes care of the books for all her members and for students who are starting a course at our faculty. This means that if you are going to study Industrial Engineering, Operations Management & Logistics, Innovation Management or Manufacturing Systems in Engineering or one of elective courses of our faculty and you are a member of Industria, you can buy your books here.

You can buy all books (also for electives from different departments) via our webshop. You can order your books online and they will be delivered at home. The procedure is the same for all Bachelor, Pre-master and Master students.

There is one exception for new first year students and Pre-master students in the first quarter of the year. They have to pick-up their books at Industria.

You can find the link to our webshop below. There you should select your program. Afterwards, you will find all the books for the courses in your program.

  • There are some guidelines when you buy our books:
    – You have to be (or become) a member of Industria (free of charge).
    – You have to give us your student number so that we know who we sold the books to.
    – We do not take any sold books back. So if you buy the wrong books for some reason or if you quit your study, you are responsible for the books.
  • – If you buy books in this webshop, Athenaeum will take care of the handling and delivering of the books. See General Conditions. If there is confusion about the delivery or the order, please contact Athenaeum at 020 5141460.

Should there somehow be some confusion about anything, you can always send an email to the Educational Officer of Industria. See also the General Conditions.

The books for Quartile 1 of 2020-2021 can be ordered here with discount from 20/07/2020 till 17/08/2020!

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