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Industria takes care of the books for all her members and for students who are starting a course at our faculty. This means that if you are going to study Industrial Engineering, Operations Management & Logistics, Innovation Management or Manufacturing Systems in Engineering or one of elective courses of our faculty and you are a member of Industria, you can buy your books here. For quartile 4 of academic year 2020-2021, the procedure is different than before. Instead of ordering you books directly at Athenaeum, you can now find your books via the link below. When you find your books in the link below and you have to buy them via, you will receive extra discount! Also important to note is the fact that some e-books can be downloaded for free on the TU/e website. In case your course is not given in the list, no books are required for that course.

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  • Should there somehow be some confusion about anything, you can always send an email to the Educational Officer of Industria.
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