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2021 theme:
Crossing Borders: Knowledge sharing within organizations, between companies, and across nations

Join the Industria Congress on the 23rd of November 2021 to find out.



The location of the Industria Congress 2021 has yet to be announced. 

Stay tuned on our website and social media!




Program for the 37th Industria Congress (Online):

08:45 Welcome
09:00 Opening Chairman of the day
09:15 Plenary Reading 1
10:20 Workshop Round 1
12:00 Network Roulette & Break
13:05 Workshop Round 2
14:45 Network Roulette & Break
15:50 Plenary Reading 2
16:50 Interactive Closing
17:00 Network Drink & Speed Dating
18:00 Ending congress Day


Below there are some impressions of the previous edition of the Industria Congres.

36th Edition: 24/7 Economy: Always At Your Service


35th Edition: Digital Transformation

The 35th edition took place on December 4th 2018 at Pullman Hotel Eindhoven.

his year’s theme is “Digital Transformation: A New Way of Working”. Digital Transformation describes the way in which technologies are integrated into an organization with the aim of fundamental change in the core activities. Moreover, Digital Transformation describes the way in which an organization brings value to the customer after this technology is actually integrated.

34th Edition: Sustainable Business

This 34th edition took place on December 6th 2017 at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven.

“The future offers many opportunities. The Dutch economy is growing and new innovations are everyday’s business. This combination offers Dutch companies, both large and small, the possibility to grow rapidly in the future.

To find the balance between a sustainable future and a healthy  financial position on the short term is a challenge to a business.  Current students and future employees are facing an unique, yet difficult task: the unification of what seems to be each other’s  opposites in order to establish a sustainable profit.”

Therefore, the theme of the 34th edition was “Sustainable Business: The Road to Green Profit”.


During the network drink, Master Students will have the opportunity to speed date with some interesting companies. It should be noted that the speed dating sessions will be in Dutch.


Deloitte and Vion food group are participating in the speeddate sessions 2019.



During the Industria Congress day on the 23rd of November, there will be two workshop rounds. The duration of the workshops will be 90 minutes. During these 90 minutes, there will be an interactive session between the students and organizations. The content of the workshops depends on the organization, however, they will all have to do with the theme:

Crossing Borders: Knowledge sharing within organizations, between companies, and across nations.



You can register for the Industria Congress 2020 from November 25th at the Industria website. The target audience consists of Industrial Engineering third year bachelor students and master students from OML, BIS, IM and MSE. Student tickets will be €5.-.



In 2021 the Industria Congres will be organized for the 38th time. The organization consists of five students from the faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e). The “Stichting Bedrijfskunde Congres Industria” (SBCI), primarily called the “Congrescommissie” is supported by the study association Industria.

During the Industria Congres lectures and workshops are organized. The aim of this one-day event is to inspire the participants and engage the students with business on relevant topics in engineering management.

Every year a theme is carefully selected based on news, talks with scholars from the TU/e, and relevance with the study Industrial Engineering. Themes from previous years are:

“Future of Business: Surviving and Thriving in a New Decade” (2020)
“24/7 Economy: Always at your Service” (2019)
“Digital Transformation: A New Way of Working” (2018)
“Sustainable business: The road to green profit” (2017)
“Partners in Excellentie” (2016)
“Changing Technologies: The Impact on Business Operations” (2015)
“Business Agility: Flourishing in a Constantly Changing Business Environment” (2014)
“Big Data: Big Business or Big Brother?” (2013)
“Selling Technology” (2012)
“Dynamic Business Networks: Collaborate to Compete” (2011)
“Entrepreneurship” (2010)
“Open Innovation” (2009)
“Total Cost of Ownership” (2008)


The committee of the Industria Congres is responsible for the whole organization of the conference, from determining the theme to selecting the speakers, retrieving the sponsorship, the promotion of the conference, and the day organization. The professionalism of the conference and the contact that students and academics will gather with business is a central aspect.

The 38th Industria Congres committee consists of:

Fleur Machielsen
Chairman and Coordinator Speakers

Mauro Colpaert
Secretary and Treasurer

Esther van Maurik
Commissioner External Relations

Pien Levels
Commissioner Day Organisation

Nynke Theunissen
Commissioner Promotion

Left to right: Angelique Sander, Koen Hermans, Bauke Wijnands, Sophie Thijssen and Janneke Tack.


A selection of the comments on the 34th Industria Congres that took place on November 6th 2017:

Company participants:

“Wij als DOW hebben dit event als erg waardevol ervaren, met name omdat we direct in contact konden komen met de studenten. Op deze manier konden wij ons verhaal vertellen en de studenten laten zien dat Supply Chain niet alleen in de retail uitdagend is maar juist ook in een sector als Chemie. Het was de eerste keer dat DOW aanwezig was op het Congres en dat is erg positief bevallen. De organisatie zat goed in elkaar, zowel vooraf aan het event als tijdens het event. De contacten waren goed en jullie medewerking en flexibiliteit was voor ons ook erg prettig. Kortom heel erg bedankt voor dit leuke en interessante event, een groot compliment aan de gehele commissie.” – Arno van den Hemel, DOW

“Wij hebben de dag als erg leuk ervaren. Goed ontvangst, leuke locatie, goede lunch en een leuke, proactieve groep. Wij waren erg tevreden en doen de volgende keer graag weer mee.” – Loes Hofstee, Chipsoft

University participants:

“Ik kijk terug op een ontzettend goed georganiseerde dag met veel interessante informatie voor de studenten. Ontzettend goed geregeld en netjes verzorgd.” – Baukje Osinga, Studieadviseur Tbdk

Student participants:

“Het was een strak programma, maar ontzettend goed ik elkaar gezet.”

“Ik vond de workshops zeer goed van opzet, mooi interactief. Lezing van Groen sloot erg mooi aan op het thema van het congres.”

“Heel positief vond ik het dat er de mogelijkheid was om Linkedin foto’s te laten maken! En André Kuipers had van mij best wat langer mogen praten ten koste van de borreltijd, maar ik begrijp dat dat niet zomaar kan. Echt een geweldige spreker!”

“Erg goede sprekers met Helga van Leur en André Kuipers, verder ook leuke (nieuwe) bedrijven geregeld!”

Industria Congress

Welcome at the website of the Industria Congress 2021!

The Industria Congress is set up for Industrial Engineering students from Eindhoven University of Technology. About 200 students visit this congress every year. As Congress Committee of Industria, we would like to offer these students a chance to get in touch with companies for a possible bachelor end project, a master thesis, a traineeship, or for a permanent job. On the other hand, we offer companies the opportunity to get in touch with these enthusiastic students at this congress by offering them different ways of collaboration. On top of that, there will be two plenary speaker sessions during the day and we will close with a small drink.

This year’s theme is will be Crossing Borders: Knowledge sharing within organizations, between companies, and across nations

Industria Congress 2021 will take place on the 23rd of November 2021.

Impression of the offline Industria Congress 2019

The Industria Congress is organized every year by a new committee and with a different theme. For more information about the theme and other practical matters, you can visit the corresponding pages. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!