Leisure activities

Besides activities organized by The Villa and the Crew, Industria has many committees that organize various fun leisure activities, as well as seperate unique activities organized by the board.

Get an overview of how much fun you can have at Industria below, and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have on organizing these activities yourself! These activities are organized in the order of which they are presented, so be sure to check the events page to buy a ticket and join the event!


There is no better way to start your time at TU/e and at Industria than by attending the introduction week!

The introduction week is organized two weeks before the start of the academic year by the university, but Industria has its special committee dedicated to the introduction week too! As Industria, we organize a special party on Tuesday for all students! Besides this amazing party, the committee organizes the business case and an all-week activity for all groups to compete and possibly win prizes.

The festivals and parties organized on campus are legendary, and will give you a true taste of what student life will look like in Eindhoven. Be sure to participate in your first year, as this is an unforgettable week for students, and a good opportunity to get to know your fellow students. You will be especially close with your introparents, introbrothers and introsisters!

No worries if you could not attend your own introduction week though. You can always organize the introduction week for Industria later on, so be sure to check that out if you are interested!


At the beginning of the academic year, the introcamp-committee organizes an amazing weekend for all freshmen!

On this weekend, all freshmen will get to know each other in a series of activities, drinks and laughter. Besides knowing your introgroup, and possibly some others from the first week, the introcamp will give you a good opportunity to make a new group of friends to spend your years at Industria with!

Make sure to go to this memorable weekend and subscribe yourself in the first week!


Leisure activities

Leisure activities from Industria are always very easy-going, but once a year, we dress up and have a classy party, namely the gala!

During this party, all members dress up in their finest suits and dresses, and party all together at a chique location. You can either have a ticket for just the party, or also join us for a chique 3 course diner!

Going to the gala is an amazing experience due to the different, but nice atmosphere, and the open bar!


3 times each year, the F.A.C.U.L.T.I-committee of that year organizes a party for all students in the Spijker or the Thomas.

The party always has a different theme, with the Spijker fully designed to fit to that theme, and make the party looks super cool! The F.A.C.U.L.T.I-parties are always full of fun and surprises, from a real disco-floor or the smallest DJ in the world to a dancing performance by Brazilian dancers. Check our socials and do not miss these parties!

Besides the parties, the F.A.C.U.L.T.I-committee also organizes a yearly pubcrawl to another city. These pubcrawls start with a drink in the Villa on Thursday, after which everyone has dinner together and the party moves to a different city.

To make sure everyone stays in a party-mood, the trip is made by partybus, how cool is that! Once we have arrived, the committee has made sure there are several bars where the entire group goes, with often a different deal at each bar. The pubcrawl is always a memorable night, so do not forget to subscribe!


Induskia is our yearly skiing trip, organized by our own yearly Induskia-committee. Together with 70 fellow Industria-members we go on a trip to a skiing-resort somewhere in Europe, where we enjoy the slopes during the day, and of course the ‘apres-ski’ afterwards.

Skiing together with your friends, finding the fastest ways to ski down the hill and drink a beer with everyone on the trip: if this sounds like an incredible holiday for you, be sure to subscribe for the next Induskia trip!

Belgium Trip

The Belgium trip is a freshmen-trip to a city in the country of our southern neighbours. Each year, it is organized by fellow freshmen!

On the Belgium trip, you will visit a well-known company and go out in the city-centre of that year’s chosen city, all in a 3 day trip by bus!

A great experience for all freshmen, both on a career-side and a leisure-side!


We spend most of our time in Eindhoven at the university, in college rooms and in study halls. The rooms are very familiar for us, and we tell our parents about it at home, but they have no clue where we study. Therefore, Industria organizes the parentsday, so that you can show your parents where you work all day!

The day is filled with educational activities and a lecture from one of the first-year lecturers! Your parents are given a case, and you can guide your parents with the case to show your knowledge!

The day ends with a drink in The Villa, where you can show your parents where you spend your time on a Thursday afternoon!


The batavierenrace is a student running race from Nijmegen to Enschede. In one big relay race with your entire Industria team, you will be completing the distance as fast as possible.

Of course, this is not just running. During the run, several beers can be drank, and at the finish in Enschede, the biggest student party of the year will take place.

Industria always competes, be it for the fun, not for the win, but everyone is always competitive and happy, even in tired times!


Industria is made by its enthusiastic members. Without the members, we could not organize the spectacular and educational activities that we have. To give back to our amazing members, the CIA-committee organizes an activity at the end of the year!

All the hard work that members put in throughout the year is payed off in the form of a surprising activity. Biking on a tandem, paintballing and having a drink with all your friends is just an example of what this activity could look like.

The CIA-committee never forgets to surprise, and always delivers, giving the active members a great day in return for their hard work.


The Industria weekend is, as the name might give away, weekend trip away for all Industria members, both non-active and active!

On this weekend full of activities organized by the committee, you will have the time of your life having fun with your best friends. The weekend is fully in the theme of leisure, so ideal if you want to take a weekend off of studying and enjoy some time with fellow members.

Be sure to come along on this unforgettable weekend!


The Eindhoven University Sailing Team organizes a sailing trip for Industria members each year. On this 7 day sailing trip, you will visit several cities by sailing boat with a group of Industria members.

Besides learning how to sail, there will be a lot of fun on the boat, as well as parties onshore.

EUST is an unforgettable trip, one that you for sure do not want to miss!

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