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You can only pay with your personal VIPcard, which can be bought for only €1. You can upload your account with cash, debit card or via iDEAL if you are not at The Villa.

On this site you can create an account and request a new VIPcard.

Setting-up the Industria SharePoint
1. Click here and log in with your TU/e account
2. Within the tab General, the Industria photos and poster templates can be found
3. Within the tab Committees, your committee files are located
4. Within the tab Interactie, the Interactie Teams files are located

Synchronize Files
1. Click your Committee and enter the current year folder to edit documents in the browser
2. If you like, click the Sync button to synchronize the committee files to your own PC. In this way you can modify the files from the Windows File Explorer. Changes you make are synchronized back to SharePoint

Tip: You can use the SharePoint mobile app to access your files from a mobile device.

Please contact the board if you do not have access to the SharePoint


For the bachelor, the OER and the Exam Rules can be found on this website. For the master, the OER can be found here. These documents describe your rights and obligations and tell you what to do.

For the bachelor, the OER and the Exam Rules can be found on this website. For the master, the OER can be found here. These documents describe your rights and obligations and tell you what to do.

In case you would like to ask for a specific privilege which is study related you need to contact the exam committee. They come together once a month and decide on several subjects. You need to send an email to in which you explain your request or objection. More information can be found on this website, the information is the same for master students.

If you are ill and cannot make it to a midterm or examination you need to undertake several actions to solve this problem. They can a be found in the OER article 5.4 and 5.5 and in the “Examenregelement” appendix 1. Both these documents can be found here.

In short; you first need to have a doctor’s statement and you need to send an email to your study advisor, (Mrs. Baukje Osinga – Kuipers for bachelor students) within 24 hours of the midterm or exam. She will handle it further, although you assistance will be required.

There is a website where all the reports of students who studied abroad are collected. They are TU/e wide and ordered per country. The link can be found on the homepage of OASE (“Experiences Abroad”) or here.

You need to go to and log in with your student number and password. A link to the bookstore appears and you need to log in with your book account. You can now order your books and they will be shipped to your own home.


C.I.T.I. organises a lot of events in Eindhoven like case competitions, a Lean Six Sigma course, and a hitchhike. C.I.T.I. also organizes multiple exchanges abroad each year! You can do committees with other people, which is a lot of fun and good for your personal development. As an Industria member, you’re also automatically a member of ESTIEM. Through ESTIEM, you can travel to Europe and meet up with other students. Also, ESTIEM organizes a lot of fun activities in which you can participate.

ESTIEM represents more than 60.000 students from all over Europe. It has 79 member associations, called Local Groups, in 31 different countries. Its goal is to build up and strengthen the relationships between IEM students in Europe. IEM stands for Industrial Engineering and Managements Students. Until this date, ESTIEM is the only Europe-wide organization for IEM students.

All year round, multinational project teams are organising European activities such as student exchanges, case competitions, lectures, trainings and workshops. This makes ESTIEM a unique network that brings together people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

More information can be found here.

ESTIEM has different kinds of events throughout the whole year. When you are a member, you can “apply” for these events on Of course, you can also try to go on a trip with someone you know and apply together. These events are all over Europe and a lot of fun. All these events have certain themes. For example, an Europe3D event is an event where people get to know the political, economical and cultural aspects of the country they’re visiting. Be careful you won’t get addicted on travelling after your first trip!

You can also get active in one of the Projects, Committees or Initiatives within ESTIEM. If you’d like to work in a multinational team and get active on a higher level, go to our Get Involved page.

After signing up for Interactie, you will receive an e-mail through which you can access the ESTIEM portal and start applying for ESTIEM events. The board is always available to help you with this. All events in Europe are organised by people that we know, so you don’t have to worry about being fooled or ending up abroad without help!

Travelling with ESTIEM is really cheap. The participation fee for approximately 5 days of food, accommodation and activities is often around 70-90 euros. This doesn’t cover transportation, and extra costs you make there, like having a drink. Another pro is that Interactie has a reimbursement policy for these participation fees (ask for general conditions). This means that a part of your participation fee can be reimbursed and you only have to pay for your transportation.

Committees consist of a few members, who together organize an event, exchange or other things for the local group, ESTIEM members, or both. Being in a committee gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, organize something fun and/or useful for others, and most importantly to have a great time. On this page you can find the different committees that Interactie offers. If you’d like to know more, just contact one of the board members, they’re always open to answer any question you might have. You might also want to take a look at our Get Involved page.

If you’re uncertain about something, you can always send an e-mail to the board or just walk up to any member and ask. We’re always up for answering your questions. Contact information of the board can be found here.

You can use the website to find all the cheap flight, train and bus tickets available to any place in Europe! Other sites to find cheap travel options are:, or From Eindhoven, low cost airlines like Wizzair, Ryanair and Transavia are departing to all kinds of destinations. From Schiphol, there are also some low-cost airlines, like SAS, Norwegian Air and Easyjet. If you go to an event in Germany or Belgium, you can also consider other ways of transportation like the car or train. On the ESTIEM website there is a lot of information per destination about how to get there.

When you go to, please click on ‘lost password?’ when you try to sign in and then in the red text click on ‘reset your password’ to go to the old portal. There you can click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and fill in your username, so you can retrieve your password. Your user name is always your name as it is written in a normal way, e.g. “Bas de Rijk”.

On the following page you can find a small manual that guides you through the Portal.


To print, and also to upgrade your credits, you can use the following site:

You can also use the campus print app. On the site you can find a link to this app.

It is relatively easy to do this and it makes no difference whether you have an Iphone, Android or Windows smartphone. Add an account with the following settings:

Connection: Exchange or ActiveSync
Email: your TU/e mail account
Domain: tue
Username: s…… (your student number)
Password: your password
SSL Connection: on

If you would like to be a student assistant for our faculty, you can send an email to Please mention your name, student number, year of study and time availability. is the general TU/e website and offers a broad spectrum of information. can be used to find information about the courses you are following. PowerPoint slides, assignments etc. can be found on this site. is the site to plan your courses for the upcoming years. is the site to find your grades, enroll for courses, exams and find more information about these courses. holds all information which is related to studying at the TU/e. This ranges from information about the library and the content of every study program to information about studying abroad and scholarships. offers all the recorded lectures. includes all the information about the facilities and the sports which can be exercised.

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