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Committee Subcription Q3

The committee subcriptions are open for the committees starting in quartile 3! Joining a committee makes you an active member which has many great advantages: FREE Active Member Clothing Active […]

Induskia 2024

Risoul , France

Induskia 2024, the most fun week of your life with a lot of après skiing and unforgettable stories!

Induskinee Drink

The Villa

While others are joining the Induskia Trip, we organize a nice drink for everyone staying home. Come join the Induskinee Drink where you can enjoy delicious Flügels for €1.30 and […]

Speeddates 61st Industria board

De Vooruitgang Markt 11, Eindhoven

Are you interested in doing a board year at Industria? Make sure to sign up for the speeddates to get some valuable first-hand experience from the current board whilst enjoying […]

Belgium Trip

Leuven Leuven, Belgium

Belgium Trip 2024
Subscription Drink

Get Tickets Free – €40.00

Company Tour

Company Tour will go to Strasbourg, France! The trip will be from the 21st till the 23rd of March, so make sure to block those dates in your agenda!

Get Tickets Free – €80.00


!First years only! The Parent’s Day is a yearly event organized to welcome parents and families on campus to experience a “classic” day at TU/e. This year’s Parent’s Day will […]

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Lustrum Industria Weekend

Block this long weekend in your agenda, as the long-awaited Lustrum Industria Weekend will take place!

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