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    By registering to Industria, you are automatically registered to the mailing organization Career Vision. This is also free of charge. Career Vision keeps you up to date on interesting internships, job openings and business courses that the industry has to offer.

    With this you give Industria permission to register your data to the Central Student Administration. Industria will treat your data confidentially; they will not be shared with commercial parties. Membership is free and lasts until the end of your study or your written cancellation.

    *Note: Your User-code is an 8-digit number that starts with the year in which you started studying at the TU/e (e.g., 2022XXXX, 2023XXXX). You use this number to login in your TU/e account. 

    Your student number is a 7-digit code that you can find on your student card. 

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