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Join a CITItrip
Exited to travel and develop yourself internationally? Join C.I.T.I. and make sure to get involved!  Our board members are always present during Industria drinks on Thursdays in the Villa and can be recognized by their purple sweaters. Once signed up for Industria, you can join activities, exchanges, ESTIEM travels and more!

C.I.T.I. organizes various events where you can have fun and get to know the other local group interested. Join us for a barbecue or a nice drink at Hubble community café. See the event list below for more information or ask one of the board members.

Are you eager to travel? Sign up for one of the exchanges. During an exchange, you will join a group of approximately 15 C.I.T.I. members to visit another ESTIEM local group. The students there will show you their university, the city, and of course the pubs. Because the trip is organized by local students you will learn about their culture and see places ordinary tourists would never come. To get a better idea, visit the travel stories page and take a look at the upcoming exchanges below. Of course, you can also ask the board, as we are eager to tell you more or help you sign up!


ESTIEM events
Exchanges are a great way of getting to know the international pillar and gain a first glimpse of ESTIEM. But are you ready for the real stuff? ESTIEM organizes a variety of events which allow you to develop yourself personally and academically. Check the ESTIEM portal for these events, or take a look at the examples below and the travel stories page. Feel free to contact a board member for more information. For more information on ESTIEM and a list of common events, take a look at the ESTIEM page.

Joining a committee
All these great activities are nothing without their committees. As a member of a committee you organize an event or exchange for our local members, ESTIEM members from around Europe, or both. Together with your fellow committee-members you make sure the event will be unforgettable, and gain tons of experience in the process! Below you can find our current and upcoming committees. For more information you can always address a board member. And keep an eye on the committee subscriptions page of Industria.

When the international pillar organizes an event in Eindhoven for ESTIEM members, these students need a place to sleep. And that is where you come in. As a host, you will share your humble student room with an ESTIEM member. You will get to know them in a way you normally wouldn’t and their gratitude will be eternal. On top of that, you will receive a hosting reward in the form of a travel coupon. For more information about hosting, you can contact a board member.

Positions in ESTIEM
ESTIEM is a European network of Industrial Engineering associations. Industria is one of the members of this European network. In ESTIEM, there are many development options for members across Europe. Do you want to work in an international team or do you want to gain international experience? Then joining a committee in ESTIEM is a perfect option for you!

Every 15th of the month, ESTIEM publishes the open positions for the different committees on the Get Active! page. Do you want to be updated about Central ESTIEM? Then join the Actives Email List!

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Are you interested in C.I.T.I.? Do you have any questions related to our association? Do you have any questions about ESTIEM events? Do you want to know more about ESTIEM in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re open to all sorts of questions and will be very happy to tell you all about our association.

If you’d like to ask these questions in person or you just want to talk, come to the Industria drink which takes place every Thursday.

You can call us on +31 (0) 40 247 2471.

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