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The study association for Industrial Engineering @TU/e.

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Speakers Industria Congres 2016

During the Industria Congres 2016, there will be a keynote speech by Albert Veenstra and a plenary lecture by Vincent Everts. Albert Veenstra is part time professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven and he is also scientific director of TKI Dinalog. Albert Veenstra is as consultant and scientist involved with many big projects in The Netherlands, Europe, Brazil and… Read more »


Congratulations to the 22nd candidate board!

It is our great honour to present to you the twenty-second candidate board of Interactie! The candidate board is constituted as follows: Chairman: Simone Balvers Secretary and Local Responsible: Eliza den Heijer Treasurer: Jip van Schayik Commissioner of External Relations: Jari Flinterman We wish the twenty-second candidate board a lot of luck to prepare themselves for the upcoming General Assembly… Read more »


Chairman Industria Congres 2016

No conference can succeed without a chairman of the day. This year’s chairman of the day is no one other than Guido Thys. For more than twenty years, Guido Thys has been a trusted, solid value for businesses. He is capable of entertaining and inspire audiences, and will in the process make you think about the underlining message that he… Read more »


Location Industria Congres 2016

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the location of the Industria Conference 2016! On December 13th, we will welcome you at the Pullman Hotel. The Pullman Hotel is located in the charming heart of Eindhoven. With multiple flexible conference rooms, a designful winter garden and several break-out areas, this is the ideal location for the Industria Conference 2016 to run… Read more »


Industria Caps

The one and only Industria caps are available again! Get yours at the board room or order it in our webshop ( and pick it up at the board room!