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Welcome to Industria!

The study association for Industrial Engineering @TU/e.

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Travel story: Business Booster, Lisbon

Maarten van der Laars, How to become an entrepeneur (Lisbon) , 28 Feb – 05 Mar  “Why this destination?” The event “How to Become an Entrepreneur” organised by LG Lisbon was my first ESTIEM event and I must say it was an amazing week! I chose this particular event because I was tired of the Dutch weather and wanted to… Read more »

“Ready for take-off”

After a hard year of work the 21st board was successfully discharged and the 22nd board has officially taken their seats. With an enthusiastic and driven look, we started our first month in U.2 (Pav.). There are several goals that we, as board as well as individuals, want to achieve during our board year. One of these goals is to let IE (Industrial Engineering) students experience… Read more »

SCOPE Maart 2017 – Duurzame Supply Chains

Duurzaamheid, iedereen heeft het erover, maar wat is het nou eigenlijk? Een blik op de Eerste-Hulp-Bij-Studentenzaken-site Wikipedia maakt ons ook niet veel wijzer. Deze verzamelde wijsheid van de wereld komt met een breed scala aan mogelijkheden: van een duurzaam verblijf tot een duurzaam goed en van duurzaam beleggen tot duurzame landbouw. Maar volgens mij heeft het als strekking dat eigenlijk… Read more »

Congratulations to the new Congres board!

After a successful Industria Congres last December, it is time to announce the new Congres Board! The 34th Congres Board is constituted as follows: Chairman: Lennart Eringfeld Secretary and Day Commissioner: Yvo Seijger Treasurer and Commisioner Acquisition: Babet Heijenk Commissioner Speakers: Sjors Melman Commissioner Promotion: Robert Jans We wish the 34th Congres Board good luck with organizing the Industria Congres 2017!… Read more »

Wanted: Induskia committee

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising, the weather is getting better and better! It’s obvious you’re enjoying this beautiful weather but it is already time to make sure you will be able to have a great winter too! The amazing yearly winter sport trip of Industria; Induskia needs a new committee! Would you like to organize this… Read more »