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Welcome to Industria!

The study association for Industrial Engineering @TU/e.

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Visit Universiteit van Nederland

On Tuesday 24th, two TU/e-professors of our department (IE&IS) will be on stage of the Universiteit van Nederland! The theme of the night will be future traffic and Tom van Woensel and Hans Jeekel will be talking about the future of movement and improving parcel delivery. Both lectures will be recorded in club AIR in Amsterdam from 20:00 till 22:15 (including a meet and… Read more »

Books quartile 3

Although the exams of the second quartile have not started yet, it is time to prepare for the third quartile already! The books are available at our website now!

Wanted: Industria Congres Board

Did you become enthusiastic after the Industria Congres 2016 and want to organize this event yourself? Do you want a boost for your CV? Do you want to be in contact with renowned companies? Do you want to be part of a close team? Walk by U1 or the boardroom for more information! You can apply by sending your motivation and CV to… Read more »

Goodbye OASE!

As most of may have already experienced, OASE will be replaced by the new learning management system Canvas. By the start of quartile 3, Canvas will be used by all courses given. If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can contact the helpdesk,

SCOPE December 2016 – Exponentiële Organisaties

Beginnen in je schuurtje en eindigen in een wolkenkrabber, dat moet toch wel de droom zijn van elke startende ondernemer. Als ondernemer is het tegenwoordig zaak om ervoor te zorgen dat je snel genoeg groeit om niet overrompeld te worden door de concurrentie. Dit zorgt voor de trend dat ondernemingen tegenwoordig niet meer lineair groeien, maar exponentieel. Bedrijven schieten als… Read more »