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Welcome to Industria!

The study association for Industrial Engineering @TU/e.

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SCOPE is recruiting!

Would you like to learn how to write? To get in contact with interesting companies? To step out of your comfort zone and interest other people with inspiring articles? SCOPE, the magazine for both study association Industria as well as alumni association, is looking for reinforcements! The SCOPE appears 4 times a year and has an edition of over 2,500… Read more »

We want you!

We’re almost halfway through the first week of the exams. Time to release a good bit of stress by choosing the next step in your Industria career! Take a look at the possibilities now!

TU/e Contest 2017

For the third consecutive year, TU Eindhoven is challenging its students to advance their innovative idea, prototype, business plan, or research project with the aid of the TU/e Contest-affiliated network. You’ll get coaching from specialists of the business world, therefore a nice opportunity to meet your future colleagues. And who knows you win one of those great prizes at the… Read more »

Industria presents a new Gold Partner

We are very pleased to announce you the new Gold Partner of Industria: Finaps develops innovative business solutions based on advanced technologies such as  SAS Business Analytics, the Mendix App platform, Box and  Xamarin. The different industries they are active in are financial services, public sector, human resources, fraud and charity. With small, efficient, agile teams they design complex innovative… Read more »

Visit Universiteit van Nederland

On Tuesday 24th, two TU/e-professors of our department (IE&IS) will be on stage of the Universiteit van Nederland! The theme of the night will be future traffic and Tom van Woensel and Hans Jeekel will be talking about the future of movement and improving parcel delivery. Both lectures will be recorded in club AIR in Amsterdam from 20:00 till 22:15 (including a meet and… Read more »