What is estiem

ESTIEM (European students of industrial engineering and management) is the organisation for IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) students who combine learning and travelling. Founded in 1990, their goal is to foster relations between IEM students all over Europe and support their development. ESTIEM consists of 80 member associations, called Local Groups, in 31 different countries. ESTIEM currently consists of 60.000 students.

Throughout the year, international committees are organising European activities such as student exchanges, case competitions, lectures, trainings and workshops. This makes ESTIEM a unique network that brings together people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Do you want to stay updated about all the developments, open positions and open calls within ESTIEM? You can always stop by at Atlas 2.328 or send us an e-mail to

If you become a member of Industria, you’ll also become a member of ESTIEM. This means you can apply for ESTIEM events on the Portal. The website of ESTIEM is ESTIEM organizes up to 180 events per year with up to 3000 international students! The events are divided into 4 main categories. These categories are academic events, career events, cultural events and personal events.

Academic events

During an academic event you will gain knowledge on certain topics. These events range from lean six sigma trainings to events where you will gain in-dept knowledge on a specific topic. These topics can be anything industrial engineering related; from the development of AI to making your production methods more environmentally friendly.

Career events

During career events you will practise your career skills and learn how to become an entrepreneur. This is done by competing in case competitions (TIMES) or gaining practical experience, like being a project manager for 5 days.

cultural events

Do you want to broaden your cultural horizon and get a unique insight into the differences between European countries? Then this is the event for you! When you attend a cultural event, you will gain a lot of knowledge about a country and its culture, politics and economics in one week.

Personal events

Grow on a personal level by training your soft skills and learn more about your inner motivations during a personal event. During these events you will learn a lot about yourself, and work on skills that are useful in life, for instance during BrainTrainers which range from marketing; innovation and design to learning how to learn.

What can you do within estiem

Take a look and see what opportunities there are for you. Depending on what event you’re going to, you will have a week full of lectures on a specific topic, trainings on personal skills, fun activities like city tours and of course awesome parties. On these events, people from all around Europe are gathered with the same goal and are eager to meet you. If you have any questions, you can always send an e-mail to

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