OML Council

The OML Master Council gives feedback on the courses in the master program Operations Management & Logistics. This feedback is used by the faculty and the program director in order to improve the quality of education.

Lars Geerlings
Ling Li
Martijn Mathijsen
Martijn Scholtus
Matthis Bentvelsen
Mayke Boogert
Oisín van Lier
Sophie van Heuveln
Michelle Stoffels
Jordy Klei Bonnaud
Farah Schepens
Anne Kreté
Daan Mul
Daphne Mey
Eveline van Oosterhout
Joost van der Haar
Jordy Klei Bonnaud
Luka van der Sande
Max van der Wilk
Shakila Sewnarain Sukul
Bauke Wijnands

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