About us

Anago is a fast-growing organization that makes smart software, which we use to help companies with their planning obstacles. We do this with our innovative Low-Code platform Anago Assemble. Our developers develop the building blocks of this platform, which forms the base for our consultants. They detect planning obstacles of our clients and decide together with the client what the best solution is, so the solution fits them 100%. Organizations come to us with different kinds of planning issues. For these issues we develop various planning solutions and keep improving these based on the requirements of the client. Here follow three examples to give you some more insight on our organization:

  • A large airline company repairs aircraft engines, but there are problems with the inflow and throughput. As a consequence, the repair deadline is too often exceeded. We develop a central planning tool that reduces the throughput time.
  • Employees of a government organization experience high work pressure because they can’t see the wood for the trees (or actually the files). We provide supporting software and as a result the files with the highest priority appear first in the planning.
  • A large call centre needs a planning in which a sufficient number of employees, who speak the right language, to help clients all over the world within the fixed response time. Luckily, we can help with a capacity plan and as a result employees can be scheduled in a more efficient manner.

Besides working hard, we also love to make time for “Brabantse gezelligheid”. We think a pleasurable working environment is important. This means we have our arranged lunch together every day, coffee breaks and regular outings. We share our office with our sister company Cogix that focusses on education. It is also possible to work (partially) from home, but then you have to provide your own lunch.

During your education

Anago offers during your education multiple opportunities to develop yourself. There work for example different working students in different divisions, from development to consultancy to HR/marketing. We offer flexible and challenging work, which makes it easy to combine with your education. There are also options to write your graduation thesis at our organization.


A lot of our consultants started as a student at Anago. Together with them you will learn to apply your knowledge on planning difficulties in the real world. We are also curious of your view on our software and challenges and challenge you to think about our planning solutions. This way we can learn a lot from each other.

After your education

Also after your education does Anago offer great opportunities to start your career. We have challenging entry jobs as consultant or developer and offer you a lot of freedom for personal development in a growing company with enthusiastic colleagues. We work in small teams in which you are able to receive a lot of responsibility and can really make a difference.


On our website you can find more information about Anago and current vacancies for during and after your education. Are you interested in a (student)job, graduation internship or are you curious for your opportunities within Anago, sent an email to Nienke de Waal ( to discuss the possibilities. We would love to make time for you in our planning.

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