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Boer & Croon provides solutions for management issues with people who get the job done. People who see that it can be different or better are plentiful. People who see and do it are scarce.

The mission is clear: Boer & Croon delivers results, one way or the other, and preferably faster than anticipated. A solution on paper is never enough, the challenge only comes after the analysis. That is why Boer & Croon selects the best people with the ability to realize. Smart doers with an eye for their environment. Do what it takes. By standing at the helm or in the mud and going for it together.


As a Young Executive Operations you are responsible for successfully executing various projects in production and logistics environments. The focus is on the process side on the one hand, to devise and implement efficiency measures there, and on the people side to realize a continuous improvement culture by paying real attention to people (i.e. empathizing with the other, showing understanding, listening and exemplary leadership). at individual, team and management level). In this role you carry out assignments for our clients in teams or independently (e.g. manufacturing, food, transport, retail, construction and maritime). Each assignment is tailor-made, but we have defined four work areas: project management, process management, interim management and advice.

Your development is central to us and that is why we offer an extensive 3-year management development program with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and modules that ensure that you receive what you need to develop yourself and perform at the customer. You will also be supported by a coach and by the management of Young Executive Management. You can also fall back on knowledge and expertise elsewhere within the organization, and you are part of the Operations Solution with experienced (Senior) Managers, Directors and seasoned CEOs and COOs.

Do you think like a consultant and work like a manager? Do you have strong empathy, guts, energy and a healthy self-confidence? Are you with both feet on the ground? Can you get people involved in your actions and ideas? Do you have a healthy dose of flair and humor? Do you want to develop further in production and logistics environments? Then we offer you that opportunity!


“Read more about this job in the Young Executive Operations vacancy:

Note: Speaking and writing in Dutch and English is required to work at Boer & Croon.

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