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Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt Course [APPLICATION]

1 April - 23 April

You will be applying for: LSS Green Belt Course from 6-12 June in Eindhoven

How do I apply?

Please find the forms to apply here.

Please note that the deadline to apply is on the 23rd of April!

Lean Six Sigma is a globally used methodology (82% of Fortune 100 companies) for quality improvement and project management for problem-solving. It is also a management philosophy, a company culture, and a measurement system for performance analysis. Lean Six Sigma is all about process and performance improvement. Lean Six Sigma is used in a wide variety of industries and operations, from production to services and from healthcare to construction.

What is a Green Belt?

The Green Belt is an internationally recognized certificate proving your knowledge of the method. The certificate is usually obtained after years of industrial business experience. This Lean Six Sigma Course provides you with the opportunity to earn the belt during your studies and educates you using top-tier content.

Why should I join?

  1. Enhanced Career Opportunities: Many employers value Lean Six Sigma certification, especially in industries where process efficiency and quality are critical.
  2. Practical Skills: Lean Six Sigma training provides you with practical skills in process improvement, waste reduction, and problem-solving methodologies.
  3. Project Experience: Lean Six Sigma certification typically involves completing a project where you apply the methodologies to real-world problems. This experience can be valuable when seeking internships (your bachelor thesis) or entry-level positions, as it demonstrates your ability to drive tangible improvements within an organization.
  4. Professional Development: Pursuing a Green Belt certification shows initiative and a commitment to professional development, and will be a great boost to your CV / resume, and your chances of finding a great internship company.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Through Lean Six Sigma training, you will have the opportunity to network with professionals in various industries who are also pursuing certification or who are already certified. Networking can open doors to new career opportunities. Furthermore, you’ll meet like-minded students from all across Europe who are pursueing the same career as you.
  6. Very low cost: Lastly, doing the course elsewhere will easily cost you thousands of euros. Due to ESTIEM’s expertise, instructors and course material, we are able to offer this course for a very low price.


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1 April
23 April
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