Extended Atlas Opening Times

As many of you probably know, the Atlas opening times were shortened at the beginning of this academic year. After an evaluation with facility management, it has been decided that the closing time of Atlas will be extended!
The details are as follows:

  • The extended opening times will be in week 7 & 8 of Q3, as well as the first exam week (so from Monday March 25th until Friday April 12th).
  • Use of Atlas beyond the normal opening times will only be for IE&IS students.
  • You must be in the building before the normal closing time (20:00) and you cannot enter after this time.
  • When leaving the building it is important to take the door next to the revolving door at the main entrance, which will open when pushing the button in front of it.
  • ⁠Remember to close the door behind you, which will not close automatically.

Note that this is a trial period, so the use of the building will be evaluated, misuse could result in the opening times not being extended again in the future!
Make sure to use this privilege, as it was decided from student evaluations!

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