Lustrum year

On the 21st of September the 12th Lustrum year of Industria kicked off during the Lustrum opening party. Industria will be fearless during its 12th Lustrum year full of special events!

On the 23rd of November, the Lustrum week starts with the Lustrum opening and a Constitution Drink for all committees. On the 24th of November everyone will be hangover and you can get your hangover lunch at the Villa for only 1 Euro. Then during the weekend you can rest and prepare for the 27th of November, which is the birthday of Industria. We will celebrate the 60th birthday of our association with a fearless Lustrum activity. On the 28th of November we will continue with celebration during a luxury dinner. The following day you can get a ticket for another Lustrum activity in January. To finish of the Lustrum week there is a gala at a castle on the 30th of November.

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