Leisure Activities

Leisure activities Besides activities organized by The Villa and the Crew, Industria has many committees that organize various fun leisure activities, as well as seperate unique activities organized by the …

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Pulluhrijk The Villa Crew Pulluh Vulluh Pulluhrijk Pûlluhrijk is the biggest leisure activity of the year! The Thursday before carnaval, the Crew organizes a carnival-party for 1300 students in one …

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Pulluh Vulluh

Pulluh vulluh The Villa Crew Pulluh Vulluh Pulluhrijk Pûlluh Vûlluh is the first big activity of the academic year, organized by the Crew. The year is kickstarted with a 1000 …

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Crew The Villa Crew Pulluh Vulluh Pulluhrijk From left to right: Jens, Marijn, Farah crew 2021-2022 Chief Purchasing Manager: Jens Adriaanse Linkedin Chief Promotional Manager: Marijn Konings Linkedin Planning Manager: …

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The Villa

The Villa The Villa Crew Pulluh Vulluh Pulluhrijk Check Your Pubcard Do you want to charge your pubcard or see how much you contributed to The Villa? The Villa is …

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