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Sustainable business: The road to green profit

The future offers many opportunities. The Dutch economy is growing and new innovations are everyday’s business. This combination offers Dutch companies, both large and small, the possibility to grow rapidly in the future.

Sustainability will play an important role in this future. An even bigger role than it does today. The climate has been one of the biggest themes during the American elections. Furthermore, the major victories of D66 and GroenLinks at the Dutch elections are a reflection of the voice of the Dutch citizen: we demand change. This necessity has also been pronounced by some large Dutch companies. They want the upcoming coalition to come up with a clear climate plan to get business involved in the creation of a more sustainable economy.

Sustainability has got more around it than just climate. The substitution of employees by robots threatens the jobs of many Dutch citizens. Companies are obliged to come with a responsible reaction, because it is a liability towards the Dutch society to treat their employees with care. This shows that sustainability reaches much further and therefore affects many more businesses.

To find the balance between a sustainable future and a healthy financial position on the short term is a challenge to a business. Current students and future employees are facing an unique, yet difficult task: the unification of what seems to be each other’s opposites in order to establish a sustainable profit. The theme of the 34th Industria Congres catches up on this:

“Sustainable business: The road to a green profit.”


The preliminary program for the 34th Industria Congres on 6 December 2017 is shown below:

09:15 Welcome
09:45 Opening 
10:15 Plenary Lecture 
11:00 Workshop Round 1
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Workshop Round 2
15:00 Short Break
15:30 Plenary Lecture 
16:00 Interactive Closing
16:45 Network Drink & Speed Dating
17:30 End of the day


33rd Industria Congres


Below are some impressions of the 33rd Industria Congres that took place on December 13th 2016 at The Pullman Hotel in Eindhoven.

32nd Industria Congres


Below are some impressions of the 32nd Industria Congres that took place on November 17th 2015 at The Philips Stadion in Eindhoven. The remaining pictures are visible here.

DSC_0908 DSC_0877 DSC_0133 DSC_0091 DSC_0059

31st Industria Congres

Below are some impressions of the 31st Industria Congres that took place on November 18th 2014.

congres1 congres2 congres3 congres4 congres5

More photos.

30th Industria Congres

Below are some of the photos taken during the Industria Congres 2013.

congres6 congres7 congres8 congres9

More photos.


During the network drink, Master students will have the opportunity to speed date with some interesting companies. The speed dating will be in Dutch.



The participants of the speeddating are yet to be announced.





The duration of the workshops of the 34th Industria congres will be 90 minutes instead of 75 minutes as was the case at the 33rd Industria Congres. The workshops will take place in two rounds. An overview will be presented when the descriptions are ready.

Workshops round 1



Workshops round 2





The subscription for the Industria Congres 2017 will open several weeks before the congres.

Industria Congres 2017
On Wednesday 6 December the Industria Congres will take place. Two plenary speakers will present theories and practices centered on the theme “Sustainable business: The road to green profit”. There will be two rounds of workshops where students can actively engage themselves with the companies present. At the end of the day students could meet one-on-one with representatives from companies during the speed date session.



In 2017 the Industria Congres will be organized for the 34th time. The organisation consists of five students from the faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e). The “Stichting Bedrijfskunde Congres Industria” (SBCI), primarily called the “Congrescommissie” is supported by the study association Industria.

During the Industria Congres lectures and workshops are organized. The aim of this one-day event is to inspire the participants and engage the students with business on relevant topics in engineering management.

Every year a theme is carefully selected based on news, talks with scholars from the TU/e and relevance with the study Industrial Engineering. Themes from previous years are:

“Partners in Excellentie” (2016)
“Changing Technologies: The Impact on Business Operations” (2015)
“Business Agility: Flourishing in a Constantly Changing Business Environment” (2014)
“Big Data: Big Business or Big Brother?” (2013)
“Selling Technology” (2012)
“Dynamic Business Networks: Collaborate to Compete” (2011)
“Entrepreneurship” (2010)
“Open Innovation” (2009)
“Total Cost of Ownership” (2008)


The committee of the Industria Congres is responsible for the whole organization of the conference, from determining the theme till selecting the speakers, retrieving the sponsorship, the promotion of the conference, and the day organization. The professionalism of the conference and the contact that students and academics will gather with business is a central aspect.

The 34th Industria Congres committee consist of:

Lennart Eringfeld


Yvo Seyger
Secretary and Day Coordination


Babet Heijenk
Treasurer and Coordinator Acquisition


Sjors Melman
Coordinator Lecturers


Robert Jans
Coordinator Promotion


Committee of Recommendation 34th Industria Congres

The committee of recommendation of the 34th Industria Congres consists of:

John Jorritsma
Mayor of Eindhoven
The era that profit and sustainability are two opposite strategies, is far behind us.

Prof.dr. Wim van den Donk
Commissioner of the King Noord-Brabant
The scarcity of materials, and climate change force us to fundamentaly change the way in which we produce and live. Frank Baaijens
Rector Magnificus TU/e
The relation between profitability and sustainability is not a difficult challenge, but a unique opportunity, especially for our smart engineers! Jan Fransoo
Dean of the TU/e Graduate School
Companies that think carefully about their environment occur to be more robust against uncertainty. Paul Grefen
Research director of the TU/e
The use of green and social goals can contribute to the competative postion of a company.”



A selection of the comments on the 31st Industria Congres that took place on November 18th 2014:
Company participants of the Industria Congres 2014:

“Het was een goed en mooi verzorgd congres. De deelnemers waren betrokken en soms positief kritisch. Dat geeft goede leermomenten.” – Wijnand van Lieshout, Stichting Digitale Overheid

Student participants:

“Dit was mijn eerste Congres en het oversteeg mijn verwachten, alles was ontzettend goed geregeld. Complimenten aan de commissie hiervoor! Met name de eerste plenaire lezing met de inleiding op het onderwerp was sterk en een goed begin van een leerzame dag.”
“Het toppunt van de dag was het terugfietsen, toen je terugdacht aan hoe goed de dag wel niet was geweest.”
“Geen echt toppunt, maar de sfeer was echt geslaagd en alles verliep soepel! Complimenten!!”
“Het toppunt van de dag was aan het einde beseffen dat je weer heel wat geleerd hebt vandaag en dat je wat meer hebt gezien van hoe het er in de praktijk aan toe kan gaan, dat vind ik erg waardevol.”

A selection of comments on the evaluation of the 30th Industria Congres that took place on December 10th 2013:

Student participants:

“Ontzettend goed geregeld, mooie locatie en interessante sprekers”
“Verbindend & inspirerend”
“Alles was tot in de puntjes geregeld en verzorgd”
“Erg interessant onderwerp en stuk voor stuk goede lezingen”
“Erg professioneel, erg interessante sprekers en ook de workshops waren enorm interessant”


To find the balance between a sustainable future and a healthy financial position on the short term is a challenge to a business. Current students and future employees are facing an unique, yet difficult task: the unification of what seems to be each other’s opposites in order to establish a sustainable profit. The theme of the 34th Industria Congres catches up on this:
“Sustainable business: the road to green profit.”

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