Newsletter January

Dear member,

The Industria board would like to wish you all the best for 2022! Hopefully, you have enjoyed the holidays and may this new year bring you many memorable events. This newsletter will update you with recent developments and will provide an overview of the upcoming activities.

Covid-19 update
We are, unfortunately, still in lockdown. However, the university would like to encourage students to study at designated study spots. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to come study at the campus to stay interconnected while keeping the current measures in mind. As The Villa is still closed and to support you while studying for the upcoming exams, the Industria board will provide you with some coffee and cookies on the 2nd floor of Atlas.

We would like to remind you that the deadline to subscribe for the Industria Congress Board is on Wednesday the 12th of January at 23:59 AM. So, do you want to gain a lot of experience and fun by organizing the biggest career event of the year? Sign up by sending your cv and motivation letter to!

Committee subscriptions
Are you interested in joining a committee? The subscriptions for the committees of Q3 and Q4 are open now! There are also some new committees compared to previous years, including the Master Leisure Committee, the SportdayCie and the Sailing Weekend. You can view the full list of committees on The deadline to subscribe via the website is on the 4th of February.

Education awards
Every year, the education awards for the best teachers are given out. To determine who is eligible for these prices, we need your votes and stories! The link for voting will follow soon. This year, the ceremony will take place on January 27th. So, vote for your favorite teachers to show them the student’s appreciation!

During these hard corona times, you may find yourself struggling with certain topics around well-being. If you would like to talk about it with other students and share experiences and tips with the supervision of a professional, Industria organizes small discussion sessions where this is facilitated. These sessions are small and open for everyone and it is a safe space. The next discussion session is about the fear of failure on January 17th during the lunch break. You can sign up via the website. Furthermore, student well-being is an important topic at our association and the TU/e, for more information check the TU/e website:

Industria DIES Gala
The Industria DIES Gala will take place on Thursday the 17th of February. However, if the Corona measures do not allow us to enjoy that beautiful evening, the ticket holders will be notified and the Gala will be rescheduled to Thursday the 9th of June. So, make sure to save the reserve date in your agenda and if you don’t have a ticket yet, there are still some available on our website!

Frisse Blikken is looking for interns!
Before the start in February, Frisse Blikken is looking for interns for, among other things: Business Development, Finance, HR and Marketing. Frisse Blikken is happy to offer you responsibility, freedom, challenge and a peek behind the scenes! Are you socially skilled, creative, enterprising and enthusiastic? Take a quick look at their website to see if there is an internship that suits you! Check the vacancy here:

Educational Council (OC)
Every study at the TU/e has its own educational council. This council is responsible to advise the department about educational matters within that study. For example about topics as course descriptions, the OER and you will conduct small research projects.

To ensure good representation, several students are part of this council. From the upcoming semester onwards, we are looking for new student members to represent the OML and MSE master program. The meetings are always in English, so do not hesitate to apply if you are an international student.

The workload is 1 general meeting per month and some preparation time, which comes to +/- 2 hours per week. So if you are an OML or MSE student and would like to contribute to your educational program, please send a mail to to apply or to receive further information.

Upcoming events
The upcoming events are listed in the activity overview attached. For more information, visit our website.

Good luck with the upcoming exams, stay healthy and we hope to see you soon during our (online) activities!

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