Committee Subcription Q3

The committee subcriptions are open for the committees starting in quartile 3! Joining a committee makes you an active member which has many great advantages: FREE Active Member Clothing Active […]

Induskia 2024

Risoul , France

Induskia 2024, the most fun week of your life with a lot of après skiing and unforgettable stories!

Induskinee Drink

The Villa

While others are joining the Induskia Trip, we organize a nice drink for everyone staying home. Come join the Induskinee Drink where you can enjoy delicious Flügels for €1.30 and […]

Belgium Trip

Leuven Leuven, Belgium

Belgium Trip 2024
Subscription Drink

Get Tickets Free – €40.00

Lustrum Industria Weekend

Block this long weekend in your agenda, as the long-awaited Lustrum Industria Weekend will take place!

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