Welcome to Industria’s website. Industria is the oldest business study association of The Netherlands, with over 1,000 members.

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      Interactie Committees 2015

      Here are the new Committees presented for 2015. Subscribe now!

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      Intro: Members day

      We would like to welcome you back after the holidays with this members day. On the Wednesday of the introduction week, the Intro committee will arrange an afternoon and evening specially for current students (that’s you!). The day will start with some fun games at 14:00 hrs and from around 16:00 hrs we will continue with a drink and BBQ. Of course we invite you to also join us in De Spijker afterwards!

      Costs for the entire day and barbecue are €10. Please subscribe below.

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      Lustrum Group Picture!

      Block the lunch break on the 10th of September for other activities.
      As you all may know, Interactie celebrates her lustrum in the coming year. To create a nice memory to this amazing achievement we want to make a picture of all our current members!

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    • Introduction Weekend

      Every year Industria organizes an introduction weekend for the first year Industrial Engineering students. The committee composed a varied program. A combination of activities, games and parties will result in a great weekend! The location stays secret for now…

      Do you want to get to know your fellow students and make some new friends? Did you enjoy the introduction week and are you in for some more? Join this event for an amazing weekend!

      Subscribe for this event by mailing to bestuur@industria.tue.nl

      This activity is for first year students only!

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      The first result of the new Industria merchandising is the Industria cap! Do you want one of these limited edition, high quality, high fashion Industria caps? You can order on this special page. The caps are one size and adjustable at the back.

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    • Travel Stories Banner Finished

      Meeting EPIEM

      Stephanie Riffo Rodriguez, ESTIEM meets EPIEM, Novi Sad, 31 May-4 June.   What is EPIEM? What is EPIEM actually doing? And, what is this ESTIEM meets EPIEM event? These were for me the main reasons for visiting the ESTIEM meets EPIEM event in Novi Sad, Serbia. Having my flight a day before the event started […]

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      Strategy Evening

      Would you like to get involved in setting Industria’s long-term policy and strategy? Then we would like to invite you to this Strategy Evening. During this session, several strategic (Industria-related) topics will be discussed by Industria’s board and members. After the main discussion we will have a short general brainstorm about Industria. Any ideas, big or […]

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      New IRP Committee

      The five members that will organize Industria’s International Research Project 2016 are chosen. Chairman: Kasper Bossink, Financial Manager: Brian Beckers, Coordinator Contract Research: Gabrielle van Nes, Coordinator External Relations & Program: Wouter Boersma and Coordinator Culture, Accommodation & Transportation: Vivian Verhaert.

    • Travel Stories Banner Finished

      Travel Stories: Getting to know Dortmund, Porto and ESTIEM!

      Jip van Schayik, Second Trial Members Trip, Dortmund, 3-4 May. Fasten your seatbelts, fasten the beers seatbelts. The trip started with a comfortable car ride with some beers next to me, and just a few hours later we arrived in Dortmund. There we got to meet some of the local ESTIEM members. That afternoon we did […]

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      52th Board elected

      During the 139th General Assembly yesterday the candidate board ‘Hooijschuur’ is elected to lead our association next year. With their slogan ‘Empowering performance’ Sebastiaan, Daphne, Marjolein, Tom, Tamara and Hilde will take Industria to a higher level by improving the study pillar, reviewing all current activities critically and increasing the involvement of new students. In October […]