Welcome to Industria’s website. Industria is the oldest business study association of The Netherlands, with over 1,000 members.

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      Interactie committee subscription

      From now on, the subscription for Interactie’s committees is opened.

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      The first result of the new Industria merchandising is the Industria cap! Do you want one of these limited edition, high quality, high fashion Industria caps? You can order on this special page. The caps are one size and adjustable at the back.

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    • 2014-03-05 Wal Streetborrel

      Wall Street Drink

      This will be a drink we have never ever seen before. A true, life changing event awaits for you. The Villa will change into Wall Street this Thursday and will go crazy. Prices will depend on supply and demand and even a crass on the stock exchange of The Villa cannot be prevented. Who is capable of being the Wolf of Wall Street?

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    • FACULTI On Tour

      F.A.C.U.L.T.I. On Tour // Pub Crawl Maastricht

      F.A.C.U.L.T.I. presents F.A.C.U.L.T.I. On Tour, a pub-crawl in Maastricht! We will visit several pubs/clubs and we travel by bus. This will take place on the 5th of March after the weekly drink in The Villa. You don’t want to miss this one! Subscribe from Thursday the 12th of February at 12:00 on the Industria website. The costs for this pub-crawl are €7,50 per person.

      It is also possible to have dinner with us after the Thursday drink at 19:00. This will cost an extra €5,-.

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    • Members Trip Banner

      Interactie Members Trip: Where is the Pink Elephant?

      This edition, the yearly Interactie Members Trip will be going to an unknown destination! Like usual we will travel to a big city in Europe to explore the culture and off course explore the nightlife. During this edition you will have to solve some mysteries. The first mystery: Where is the Pink Elephant?

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    • Travel Stories Banner

      Travel Stories: “A Tale of Songs and Statues & Leaders CoM”

      Every month there are people from Eindhoven that are travelling through whole Europe. This great opportunity is available, because Interactie is a member of the European network ESTIEM. February 2015 was full of travels by Interactie Members, next to Sebastian and Lorenzo who went to Skopje and Poznan, Sanir went to Lisbon, Stephanie went to Groningen, […]

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      New Industria Congres committee

      The committee that will organize Industria Congres 2015 has been chosen. Industria is happy to announce the five students that will participate.

      The first job of these five enthusiastic second-, third- and fourth year students is to come up with a topic and a location for the next edition of this yearly event.

    • Header adreswijziging

      Change of address

      Since the 1st of January, the TU/e has changed it’s street names and numbers on the campus. The address of ‘Het Paviljoen’, the building Industria is located in, is now ‘De Lismortel 62′, instead of ‘De Lismortel 2′.

    • 11001929_422520674590038_85357798413178337928_n

      TU/e Contest

      Want to make your idea a reality? You create the future! TU Eindhoven is presenting its students with a new initiative: the ‘TU/e Contest’, a contest in which you, as a TU/e student, can make your most innovative idea a reality. The contest therefore puts the emphasis on the manufacturability of ideas. Specialists of prestigious […]

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      Career Expo 2015

      March 3rd and 4th The Career Expo is an expo where this year 125 companies are present in the Auditorium for the sole purpose of getting acquainted with all the students of the TU/e. If You would like to know which companies will be participating this year, you can consult the company guide  HERE. On top […]