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      In April 2015 the 27th edition of the biggest student sailing competition, the ‘Race of the Classics,’ will take place. This year Team TU Eindhoven will participate for the 7th time. 30 selected students will sail for a week on a classical sailing ship against other university team from all over the Netherlands. We hope this year will deliver another unforgettable experience.

      For more information, visit teamtueindhoven.nl.

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      Deloitte Strategy & Operations Case Event

      On the 31st of March Deloitte will provide a case to 25 Industria members to show you the Strategy & Operations discipline at Deloitte. This case will go into operational excellence and strategy of a global salvage company offering marine emergency response.

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      Inauguration drink 20th board

      On the 10th of March, the 20th board of Interactie has started their board year. There will be an opportunity to congratulate them and wish them luck on the inauguration drink in The Villa on the 1st of April.

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    • 2015-04-02 Tostiborrel

      Toast Drink

      It has become a tradition that on Maundy Thursday the Toast Drink is held. Do not come with a full belly this second of April, as you can make your own toast as a variety of ingredients will be present!

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      KPMG International Case Competition

      Schrijf je in voor de KPMG International Case Competition

      Overweeg je een carrière in consultancy? Doe dan mee aan de KPMG International Case Competition. Je maakt kennis met de veelzijdige dienstverlening van KPMG Advisory en wie weet ga je samen met 3 andere topstudenten strijden tegen 27 internationale teams in Dubai.

      Prepare for take-off

      In Dubai kruip je in de huid van een KPMG-adviseur en word je uitgedaagd om in teamverband aan een realistische business case te werken. Zo krijg je een goede indruk van de uitdagingen waar onze consultants dagelijks mee te maken hebben. Een onvergetelijke ervaring waarbij je wordt ondergedompeld in de Arabische cultuur. Natuurlijk krijg je de gelegenheid om deze indrukwekkende stad te leren kennen.

      Claim je ticket

      De KPMG International Case Competition vindt plaats van 13 t/m 16 april 2015. Op onze website vind je meer informatie over de competitie en hoe jij een ticket naar Dubai kunt bemachtigen.

      Ben je laatstejaars bachelor- of masterstudent en heb je de ambitie om de consultancy in te gaan? Schrijf je dan gelijk in op kpmg.com/nl/kicc. Dat kan tot uiterlijk 28 januari 2015.

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      New coffee machine

      Industria has a new Coffee Machine. The machine, nicknamed ‘The Tank’, produces two cups of coffee at once and uses fresh beans for every cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso. There is definitely not a single coffee break that this machine will not be able to handle with it’s capacity of up to 240 cups an hour and it’s immense bean supply bin of 2,3 kg.

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      Wervingsdagen Commissie Gezocht! (Recruitment Days)

      Board ambitions? I’ts nice to see that you are interested in joining a board! The Wervingsdagen (Recruitment Days) organizes three events anually which are directed to establishing contacts between students and companies. Every year the Wervingsdagen consists out of the Skill Sessions, Career Expo and Interviewing Days. The Skill Sessions consists of a week filled […]

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      A big thanks to the 19th board

      During the 66th General Assembly on the 10th of March, the 19th board was discharged and the 20th board was installed. The 20th board want to thank Stephanie Riffo Rodriguez, Siros Alamdary Badlou, Tom koolen and Olaf Klooster for their hard work last year. With your efforts we have had some great events and a […]

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      “And the winner is… Local Group Eindhoven!”

      Hands in the air, clapping and congratulations! We are going to the TIMES(Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills) finals in Darmstadt! From February 25th to March 1st we (Roy Wolters, Rick van de Ven, Rick van de Wiel and I) participated in the Semi-Final of the TIMES case competition in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Underneath you […]

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      Travel Stories: “A Tale of Songs and Statues & Leaders CoM”

      Every month there are people from Eindhoven that are travelling through whole Europe. This great opportunity is available, because Interactie is a member of the European network ESTIEM. February 2015 was full of travels by Interactie Members, next to Sebastian and Lorenzo who went to Skopje and Poznan, Sanir went to Lisbon, Stephanie went to Groningen, […]